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Edify connects businesses with customers and employees with each other. The company’s Business Communications as a Service (BCaaS) platform, Huddle, is the only one uniting unified communications (UC), contact center (CC) and communications platform (API) functionality in a single, cloud-native software solution that lets users move seamlessly among channels within one conversation. Edify removes all the risk of using its cloud-based platform with five free users forever, global availability, real-time redundancy, usage-based pricing, and a 100% SLA uptime guarantee. 

Customer Contact Week recently interviewed Edify on the top challenges and future advancements in the industry. 

1. Customer Contact Week focuses on the people, processes, and technologies that support the holistic delivery of service experiences across the customer journey. In the context of your work, how does your solution support the service experience?

Most companies lack the technology to meet the demands of modern omnichannel customers, struggling to offer service across all channels without interruption or hand-offs. Edify Huddle is the industry’s first and only cloud-native Business Communications as a Service (BCaaS) platform that combines unified communications, contact center software, and real-time communications API capabilities in a single solution.

Edify lets users transition seamlessly between communication touchpoints (social, chat, voice,video, etc.) to deliver continuity and give customers more control, letting them reach businesses on their terms. Edify Huddle removes hardware and organizational silos once and for all, elevating the customer experience by giving back-office and customer-facing employees one platform with a single view to manage all business communications across all channels - voice, email, text, chat, social media, video.

The customer experience is better when the employee experience is better - they cannot be separated any longer. Edify brings all of that functionality together to make work easier for employees and life better for customers.

2. What do you view as the key to fostering a customer-centric culture in your own organization? 

Building a customer-first culture starts from the top down. Employees have to be fully engaged, but our leaders set the example--from their initiative, enterprising nature, and ultimately, their focus on creating customers for life. And, we hire the right people from the start! One less-than-desirable employee can make or break the culture in an entire office. Edify co-founders first defined what the desired culture should look and act like to then be specific about how we will all work together to deliver a great customer experience. Sharing the vision and emphasizing the culture with every employee is huge, as well as letting individual contributors really own their job.

3. What do you view as the top challenge when it comes to customer contact and customer experience? What is your top recommendation for overcoming this challenge? 

We think the biggest thing holding companies back is outdated, ineffective, overly-complex and expensive technology. The thinking is there, the desire is there, the competitive spirit to provide a great customer experience is there… but, without the right tools, companies are stuck. They can discuss, strategize, and plan and all they want, but if they don’t have the tactical capacity to execute, none of that matters. CX leaders need to educate themselves about the new and emerging solutions out there that have been specifically created to eliminate so much of the pain they’ve endured for decades. It is, in fact, possible--and even easy--to deliver a true omnichannel (NOT the same as multichannel) experience that customers love and are grateful for, if they use a cloud-native (NOT the same as cloud-based) platform that is built from scratch to be unified (NOT the same as end-to-end).

4. Something we are addressing more and more at CCW is the end-to-end customer experience. What responsibility do you feel the customer support function has to the end-to-end experience?

End-to-end does not mean unified. The Edify platform is a truly unified solution. Edify redefines the way businesses manage CX and internal cross-team collaboration because it is the only platform that unites unified communications (UC), contact center (CC) and communications platform (API) functionality within a single software solution, letting users move seamlessly among multiple channels within one conversation. Finally, everything takes place in one platform, on one dashboard.

Customer support is critical to the end-to-end experience. To address all of the needs of today’s customers, brands need to approach service from all angles, leveraging both technology and humans. Customers want 24/7 access to brands. Sometimes they want to call and sometimes they want to connect via instant chat. They want self-service. And they also want humans who are ready to address complicated issues. Creating a true end-to-end experience that meets customer expectations calls for all hands on deck like never before.

5. Technology advancements are spurring transformation across all aspects of customer contact. What do you believe will be the catalyst for the next generation of CX?

AI is changing the contact center and the CX in big ways. It’s making smart bots a reality, thanks to other advancements like sentiment analysis and natural language understanding (NLU). Customers can enjoy a smooth self-service experience, which is what they really want most of the time. And with smarter bots at play managing simple tasks, human agents can do their jobs better and focus their efforts on the complicated issues. These next-gen AI bots can also help acquire new data thanks to Machine Learning, sentiment analysis, and NLU, allowing brands to acquire important intel on customers during their service experience.

6. One of the recurring challenges for CCW attendees is balancing the capabilities of technology with the human touch of the agent. Tell us how your solution acts as an empowerment tool for agents?

Edify gives back-office and customer-facing employees one platform with a single view to manage all business communications across all channels - voice, email, text, chat, social media, video. Frictionless transfers between channels give agents the ultimate flexibility to interact with customers, one another and other internal subject matter experts to resolve customer issues and deliver stellar experiences.

Edify’s virtual assistant, Hammond, uses both AI and ML data models to enhance the role of a contact center user by maximizing efficiency without sacrificing quality, and most importantly, the human touch. Our intelligent bot was built to empower agents, not replace them. Hammond gives customers the opportunity to serve themselves, providing round-the-clock customer service support. He leverages sentiment analysis to know if and when it’s time to move the conversation to a live agent, giving real-time data to the agent, including the customer’s information and a transcript of everything that has happened thus far. Our platform provides a real-time, holistic view of customer activity to agents. The CX is better when you make your agents’ lives easier!

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