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September 21-24, 2020 | Austin, TX

Industry Perspectives - LiveVox

Jim Lynch

Senior Director, Product Marketing

LiveVox provides a simplified path to seamless digital engagement as the only cloud provider that incorporates modern channels, CRM and WFO into a single solution for  true omnichannel engagement – unifying all conversations and interactions into a single location. LiveVox also facilitates over 14 Billion multichannel interactions annually – 3X more than other cloud providers. 

Customer Contact Week recently interviewed Jim Lynch, Senior Director, Product Marketing at LiveVox on the top challenges and future advancements in the industry. 

1. Customer Contact Week focuses on the people, processes, and technologies that support the holistic delivery of service experiences across the customer journey. In the context of your work, how does your solution support the service experience?

LiveVox’s key differentiator is focused on unifying the data that creates a disconnected experience for not only the consumer but also the agents and managers responsible for driving engagement. 

By providing a true omnichannel platform that combines 1) modern channels to reach consumers, 2) CRM to know the consumer, and 2) WFO to understand the customer journey and improve workforce efficiency, LiveVox can empower a wholistic experience across all aspects of a digitally-enabled contact center.

2. Even as a solution provider, your own internal CX practices are constantly transforming. What recent CX milestone in your organization would you say was transformational for your clients?

LiveVox’s internal Customer Care team utilizes our true omnichannel customer engagement platform to provide clients with unified customer journeys and optimal resolutions.  

CRM, ticketing, and workforce optimization tools in particular have been noted as top investment priorities for members of the CCW community this year. This is because the industry has recognized that the addition of new channels has decreased the agent’s ability to provide personalized experiences, as well as seamless and efficient escalations, due to both cross-channel and cross-department data gaps. 

Since recently implementing our native CRM, ticketing, and WFO solutions, the LiveVox Customer Care team has been able to drive CX amongst our client base and increase operational efficiencies even as the digital journey expands. 

3. What do you view as the key to fostering a customer-centric culture in your own organization?

LiveVox has a deep-rooted partnership culture with our clients that has resulted in industry leading NPS scores. The key to that is investing in understanding our customer’s journey on not only a daily basis, but also from the 90k foot level.

4. What do you view as the top challenge when it comes to customer contact and customer experience?  What is your top recommendation for overcoming this challenge?

The ability to maintain contextual data across all interactions and channels within the customer journey will be the number one challenge. As the customer journey expands and becomes more complex, what happens during each interaction becomes more and more difficult to unify, creating an increasingly less personalized consumer experience and ineffective operations. 

This disconnected data will also put businesses who wish to leverage advanced technology such as AI/chatbots at a significant disadvantage as the effectiveness of this technology is based on the ability to pull from a centralized data pool.

We believe investments in integrating this disparate data will be key to removing the barriers that have long hindered the pursuit of true omnichannel.

5. Something we are addressing more and more at CCW is the end-to-end customer experience. What responsibility do you feel the customer support function has to the end-to-end experience?

Customer support plays one of the most critical roles in optimizing an end-to-end customer experience. The primary reason a consumer reaches a customer support center is to solve an issue. In today’s digital-first age, consumers are most likely to attempt to self-serve on a mobile channel. If that attempt fails, the consumer will attempt to escalate to another channel and eventually to a live agent. In this environment, the consumer will have put in more time an effort in engaging with a business and therefore more likely to be more frustrated. A recent study by Gartner solidifies this trend, showing a connection between the complexity of a service call and the number of channels used by a consumer.

Ticketing systems are the mechanisms in which customer service resolutions are tracked and communicated, yet have been largely built for either a voice or digital channel. The ability to marry the interactions in a ticketing system between digital channels and voice will be key to incorporating customer support into an end-to-end customer experience.

6. Technology advancements are spurring transformation across all aspects of customer contact. What do you believe will be the catalyst for the next generation of CX?

The next generation of CX will focus on creating a new level of personalization and self-service through the use of access and automation of consumer data. The amount of data available on the consumer and consumer behavior has increased in unimaginable ways and we are just at the beginning of tapping into how to leverage that data to drive customer experience across all channels.

7. One of the recurring challenges for CCW attendees is balancing the capabilities of technology with the human touch of the agent. Tell us how your solution acts as an empowerment tool for agents?

The increase of digital channels and automation have left consumers feeling as though their interactions with a business have become less personal. A key contribution to that is the inability to simply know the consumer. This disconnect is most apparent, yet most critical, when speaking with an agent. While consumers have been equipped with faster access to information, the agent has largely been left behind. LiveVox helps solve for that by empowering agents with key multichannel contact history, consumer account information, and ticketing status upon connection with a consumer in an easy to navigate, unified multichannel desktop.  Agents are essentially equipped with intimate knowledge about the consumer without the consumer having to re-introduce themselves to the agent.

8. What is your favorite unforgettable CCW memory to date? 

Participating in the IDG session was one of my most memorable moments as it is a one of a kind opportunity to connect with peers to solve problems in such an intimate settings.

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