Joni Saylor, Design Principal at IBM

Joni Saylor

Design Principal

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Day Four: Site Tour Experience Day: Thursday, September 19. 2019

Thursday, September 19th, 2019

11:30 AM IBM Studios Austin + IBM Watson

IBM’s Austin Campus serves as the nucleus for a plethora of operations including leading locations for both IBM Studios and IBM Watson. You maywonder how design and AI are related, and what their interplay could possibly mean for the customer experience. The interaction between the two are actually critical, particularly as it relates to applying human-centered, ethical approaches to AI technology leveraged in the contact center and touching various pieces of the customer journey.

In this double header, immerse yourself in both IBM Studios Austin and IBM Watson’s Austin presence. Learn about IBM’s custom Design Thinking methodology and their iterative “Loop” model while simultaneously experiencing some of the latest and greatest IBM Watson technologies for the contact center and customer experience. Learn about the nuances of interplay between design and AI and why approaches like Design Thinking are so critical with the increasing use of customer-facing artificial intelligence.