Lizzie Resnick

Customer Care DIrector SmartPak

Lizzie Resnick has been a “SmartPaker” for 10 years, she started as a Customer Care rep and has worked her way up to Customer Care Director where she has the privilege of overseeing and serving her team of 70 reps and managers and SmartPak’s amazing customers. SmartPak is well known in outside of the equine world for their “maniacal” customer focus and was and still is the perfect fit for Lizzie’s passion for horses, riding and helping others keep their horses healthy while constantly looking for ways to grow herself and her team. Outside of work, Lizzie likes to spend time with her family, 2-year-old daughter Maddie and her husband Bryan and in addition to riding she loves to run and ski. Lizzie has completed 8 marathons and is currently working on a master’s degree in management from the Harvard Extension School in Boston.

Why Lizzie?
A passionate and knowledgeable frontline is crucial to any organizations success. However, at SmarkPak Lizzie and her team are doing things a little differently to build better relationships with their customer base. In her session, Lizzie will explain the why behind SmarPak’s extensive meticulous training and the ROI of adding a remote workforce to your organization to remain the differentiator in the experience economy.