Micah Citti

Customer Service Operations Manager ESPN

Micah Citti is the Manager of Training and Quality for Customer Care at ESPN.  He is responsible for all training and quality assurance for a contact center that takes care of a fan base of over 83 million household viewers and rabid sports content consumers!  He oversees all training and quality initiatives at ESPN to provide the care agents all of the skills and expertise required to deliver exceptional support.  Micah has over thirty years of experience in the customer service industry. His career has taken him from the start of his career at AT&T to his current role at ESPN.  When Micah is not creating the best possible work environment for his team, he can be found gardening, writing fantasy novels, or crafting his own whiskey blend.

Why Micah?
Micah is an industry expert bringing 14 + years of experience to CCW Austin. At ESPN, he knows that fan satisfaction drives everything so his focus is on listening to his fans for opportunities of improvement and growth. At CCW Austin, Micah will share his philosophy on how and why workplace culture drives business in your customer care function.