Skip Picciano

Senior Account Executive Edify

Skip Picciano is all about results with specific domain experience within the contact center industry. Skip started as an agent within a high-pace call center taking over 100 calls per day. 20 years later, Skip works with today’s largest brands to create effortless experiences for his client’s customers. 


He understands how to work with your contact center leaders as well as the front-line to assess a customer care team’s Current State, Challenges and Opportunities for Improvement.  Skip then leverages that insight to provide his customers with a Road Map for a potential future state that allows customers to engage his clients effortlessly.


What would your customer care center look like if we could remove all obstacles and make it effortless for customers to engage your brand?  Skip can help you identify those obstacles to allow for an effortless CX as he has done for customer care centers of all shapes, sizes and industries since 1999.