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What is CCW At Home?

Customer Contact Week, the world’s largest customer contact event series, introduces CCW At Home, an interactive digital conference seasoned with cutting-edge content from the top executives and business leaders in the customer contact & CX profession. 

Learn from the most innovative brands in the world.  Discover the latest contact center & CX technology. All from the comfort of home.

Event Schedule

This 4-day interactive digital conference will be filled with cutting-edge content from the top executives and business leaders in the customer contact & CX industry. Each day will feature different topical focus areas so that you can participate in the days that matters to you most.

Mon, Jan 25 - Digital Transformation

Everyone is on a digital transformation journey. We are simply at different junctures. 2020 ignited a fire under all of our digital transformation journeys like never before. The first day of CCW At Home is dedicated to digging deep into the common inflection points across our digital journeys including cloud migration, digital CX, collaboration with enterprise technology leaders, and the many digital-first customer engagement tools of the future.

Tues, Jan 26 - Channel Management

Today's customer is deciding their channel of choice. Whether you are multichannel, omnichannel, or have employed a superchannel strategy, are you spending enough time understanding the evolving channel preferences of your customers? COVID has changed the game, with impatient customers demanding results immediately. The second day of CCW At Home focuses on modern channel strategy and management.

Wed, Jan 27 - AI + Automation

In the current environment, automation represents a powerful tool to support everything from business continuity to unpredictable call volumes. Companies are looking into automating what they previously thought they might never automate. The third day of CCW At Home takes a look at the in's and out's of AI and the modern contact center, from RPA to chatbots to how humanize technology support experience strategy.

Thurs, Jan 28 - Workforce 2021

The paradigm has forever shifted for the modern workforce. Remote workers are the new norm, and it turns out they can be just as or even more productive than in-office workers if given the tools and empowered to succeed. The fourth day of CCW At Home dives deep into the many nuances and challenges of a remote workforce to include on-demand gig workers, the new world of onboarding, training, engagement and more.

Fri, Jan 29 - Executive Exchange

CCW At Home's Executive Exchange day is an invitation-only opportunity exclusively for director-level and above customer contact leaders to benchmark, connect, and identify solutions to critical business challenges in the most efficient and effective way possible. Join us for a unique benchmarking and solution sourcing opportunity from the comfort of home.

Innovative Sessions


Big Ideas
Industry experts deliver ten-minute talks featuring their unique perspectives on consequential topics.


Book Club
Best-selling authors serve up hyper-focused talks chock full of practical takeaways from the pages of their customer contact & CX tomes.


Case Studies
Partners and their clients use real-life use-cases to share best practices and invaluable tips for tackling big challenges.


Coffee Pot
All the fun of an actual networking coffee break, without the human contact and disposable paper cups.


In the Queue
No-holds barred interviews with top customer contact executives that dig deep into the biggest challenges facing the profession.


Knowledge Base
The sharp-witted CCW analyst team on the latest CCW industry research - and what it means for customer contact leaders.


Master Class
Fast-paced, interactive activity-based sessions loaded with practical takeaways that'll sharpen your skills and challenge your thinking.


Talk Time
Scenario-based, interactive discussions provide the opportunity to ask anything of battle-hardened leaders.

Join the CCW Community

Organizations are redefining how they engage with their employees and customers in this new era. Customer contact executives, in particular, are managing significant changes in contact volume and pivoting in real-time from operating brick-and-mortar facilities, to leading agents in a home-based environment. The CCW community came together for CCW At Home and gleaned best practices for organizational resiliency and business continuity. Find out what you missed and learn more from the customer contact experts.