Thurs, Jan 28 - Workforce 2021

Dive into the many nuances and challenges of a remote workforce to include on-demand gig workers, the new world of onboarding, training, engagement and more.

12:00 pm - 12:15 pm Embed Empathy into the Core of Your Engagement Strategy

Ramon Icasiano - Chief Customer Officer, Pathlight

The current environment, from pandemic to politics, has necessitated a more empathic approach when it comes to people engagement. A largely remote environment adds a layer of complexity to all engagement initiatives. In this Big Ideas session, build your roadmap for an empathy-first people engagement strategy.


Ramon Icasiano

Chief Customer Officer

12:15 pm - 12:30 pm Rethink On-Demand Workforce Strategy: How to Integrate Gig Economy Strategies Across the Enterprise

Andrea Schwark - Executive Director, Operational Efficiency and Planning, Verizon

The state of the contact center has drastically shifted. Agents no longer have real-time human support from their peers or leaders to successfully serve their customers. Contact center leaders had to quickly understand the evolved needs of their frontline employees in this new virtual environment to support and serve them in a meaningful way. In this Big Idea session, Andrea will share automation strategies that work for her agents and leaders to provide assistance, emotive tools, and real-time support that’s necessary to move forward in the modern workforce.


Andrea Schwark

Executive Director, Operational Efficiency and Planning

In this session, Adam will dive deep into the new world of recruitment, onboarding + training, diversity, what candidates are looking for, and how you can prepare yourself and your organization for the future of the modern workforce.


Adam Hunt

Supply Chain Internship Recruiter


Sandy Ko

Senior Analyst & Conference Director
Customer Management Practice

"Work from home has become the new normal. 90% of your workforce might be working from home currently and may continue in the future with the current circumstances. With this set-up, the biggest challenge that most of the contact centers are facing is team member productivity and low-performance issues. If these issues are not addressed, the bottom line will be impacted as well as customer relationships.

Pre-COVID, many contact centers were dependent on in person classroom training, live coaching, and a plethora of tangible materials to connect, onboard and develop agents. Fast forward to today, and you will find the most successful companies have taken a drastic pivot to support both agent and CX. In this Master Class, learn the key fundamentals to successfully support today’s modern agent and their training and development journey.


Key Takeaways

- The role of Leadership in enhancing agent performance

- Why organizations should focus on agent performance for better CX

- Techniques applied to improve CX through human intelligence and artificial intelligence

- Leverage agent performance data to enhance personalized customer interactions

- Uncover personalization opportunities to enhance customer conversion and retention

- How to utilize Customer Insights to define strategies that improve training and coaching effectiveness

- Insights remove the guess work and target behaviors that drive performance"


Jim Iyoob

Chief Customer Officer
Etech Global Services


Shawndra Tobias

AVP, Customer Experience


David Carrizales

Sr. VP of Operational Excellence


Ram Gupta

Project Manager, Workforce Operations
Penske Transportation Solutions

With growing business complexity and increasing customer expectations, support teams need advanced technologies that help increase productivity to manage the increasing volume of tickets. AI can be used to transform the overall agent and support experience by making access to knowledge a critical enabler. By using AI to unify enterprise-wide knowledge and proactively surfacing the best knowledge articles to agents for the case at hand, agents are empowered to succeed.

Join this masterclass to learn:

- How you can layer AI into your existing technology ecosystem to augment team capacity while personalizing the customer experience

- How to leverage existing customer data & company knowledge to create a unified agent and support experience

- How to use your customer’s entire digital footprint to improve the customer experience


Barry Brooks

Solution Consultant and ServiceNow Specialist


Juanita Olguin

Product Marketing Lead for Workplace Solutions

1:30 pm - 1:45 pm Comfort Break

1:45 pm - 2:15 pm Next-Level Hiring: The Surprising Benefit of Automated Language Screening

Brody Horton - VP of Client Success, Emmersion
Ben Joe Markland - COO, Focus Services

To maintain leadership in the contact center industry, companies must properly screen bilingual job candidates in order to provide excellent customer experience. This session highlights how Emmersion offers automated assessments to take speed, accuracy, affordability, and scalability of language screening to the next level for its client, Focus Services. Learn more at


Brody Horton

VP of Client Success


Ben Joe Markland

Focus Services

2020 pushed the gambit on what we can do as organizations and, more importantly, put a lot of pressure on our most important asset... our people.

- What is an organization's responsibility in providing support?

- What are the little things that make a big difference?

- Where do you get started?


Sandy Ko

Senior Analyst & Conference Director
Customer Management Practice


Colleen Beers

President of North America and Europe


Brian LaRoche

Director, Outreach Marketing


Jarrod Johnson

Chief Customer Officer

2:45 pm - 3:15 pm Dispersed Workforce Culture: How to Maintain Productivity and Creativity Across Distributed Agents

Leigh Roach - Customer Service Manager, Johnston & Murphy
Michael DeJager - Principal Analyst & Head of Production, Customer Management Practice

Remote working comes with a host of competing priorities. Workers have busier days than ever, where the commute has been replaced by additional meetings and unpredictable situations at home. It's harder than ever to make time for the productivity and creativity required for future success. Join us In The Queue as we discuss tips and tactics for increasing innovation efforts across a distributed workforce.


Leigh Roach

Customer Service Manager
Johnston & Murphy


Michael DeJager

Principal Analyst & Head of Production
Customer Management Practice