Mon, Jan 25 - Digital Transformation

Understand the common inflection points across digital journeys including cloud migration, digital CX and the many digital-first customer engagement tools of the future.

12:00 pm - 12:15 pm Your Customers Are Digitally Fluent — Is Your Contact Center?

Chris Bauserman - VP, Segment & Product Marketing, NiCE InContact

A new year demands fresh approaches—and for contact centers, this means a drastic shift to digital-first customer service that goes far beyond voice-centric service. In fact, customers are rapidly moving beyond first-generation digital (email, chat) to the next-gen digital they use every day: social, messaging, and mobile apps. But the majority of contact centers lack a seamless, integrated digital strategy—the equivalent of letting the phone ring off the hook! The digital revolution requires big changes but comes with big payoffs in customer satisfaction, customer lifetime value, agent productivity and savings in telephony costs. Digital CX is no longer a “nice to have”—it’s a must.


Chris Bauserman

VP, Segment & Product Marketing
NiCE InContact

12:15 pm - 12:30 pm How to Overcome Fears of Digital Transformation

Luke Hagstrand - VP, CX Personalization, Comcast Cable

Digital innovation is quickly becoming a new core competency in organizations. As the demands of our customers increase businesses are leveraging technology and undergoing digital transformations to meet their customers in the way they expect. But digital transformation is no easy feat with the fear of change met with resistance and constraints in the current operating environment. In this keynote, Luke will share his success story at Comcast to help you discover a very orchestrated and elegant way to align a digital forward mindset with people across the organization, overcome the fears of digital acceleration by building expectations around consumer experiences, and leveraging software to get the desired outcomes and experiences for success.


Luke Hagstrand

VP, CX Personalization
Comcast Cable

Moving to the cloud is no longer optional. Your customers simply expect the responsiveness and agility you only get from working with a cloud-based contact center platform. But all cloud solutions are not created equally. Join Calabrio for a virtual interview and Q&A session on how you can build true digital transformations in the new year.


Brad Snedeker

Director of Customer Advocacy


Michael DeJager

Principal Analyst & Head of Production
Customer Management Practice

1:00 pm - 1:30 pm Enacting Digital Transformation when Employees Work from Anywhere

Dee Nilles - Business Program Director, Centrical

Digital transformation is more than just new channels for your clients. You need to flip the script for your agents. Get them to adopt new tools, new processes, new behaviors, and ensure they stick to them. With a distributed or hybrid workforce, old tactics won’t work. You need new ways of communicating and engaging agents with change. During this workshop we’ll show you how to do this right based on the lessons we’ve learned helping take clients like Microsoft, TIAA, and Office Depot through this transition.


Dee Nilles

Business Program Director

1:30 pm - 1:45 pm Comfort Break

What did we learn in 2020 that will ensure success in 2021? Plenty—and now’s the time to reflect on how we’ll adapt to new challenges in the coming year.

Case in point: Coast Capital Savings’ Advice Centre. NICE inContact CXone enabled the contact centre to respond quickly and effectively to the unexpected changes that came with the pandemic. What’s more, the company was also able to expand nationally and drive agility throughout the business. Learn how Coast Capital’s Advice Centre leveraged CXone to meet the challenges of COVID-19 head-on by: 

- Building agile teams that quickly moved to a “work-from-anywhere” model, which reduced absenteeism to less than 3.5% and increased contacts per hour by 18%.

- Using the power of data to deliver agile insights that informed critical business decisions.

- Taking maximum advantage of an agile delivery model and multiple channels to manage swings in demand. 


Chad Vestergaard

Vice President of the Advice Centre
Coast Capital Savings


Gayathri Krishnamurthy

Director Product Marketing
NICE inContact

1:45 pm - 2:15 pm Total Economic Impact of Neustar Fraud and Authentication Solutions: Calculated Cost Savings and Business Benefits
Lance Hood - Senior Director, Authentication Solutions, Neustar

Neustar commissioned Forrester Consulting to research and construct a Total Economic Impact™ framework for organizations considering Neustar Fraud and Authentication Solutions. Based on interviews with customers across various verticals who have implemented Neustar Fraud and Authentication solutions, the framework identifies the cost, benefit, flexibility, and risk factors that affect the investment decision.

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ framework found that an investment in Neustar Fraud and Authentication Solutions:

•    Reduces digital identity fraud by 20%

•    Delivers an ROI of 144%

•    Pays for itself in three months

Join Neustar and Forrester Consulting thought leaders to learn more about this report and cost-effective ways to separate legitimate customers from fraudsters in the call center.


Lance Hood

Senior Director, Authentication Solutions

As part of a company-wide digital transformation strategy, Sitel Group® completely digitized its hiring process by partnering with Harver. The goal? To improve the candidate experience, decrease attrition and be ready for whatever the future would have in store. With this new process in place – and the events of 2020 as the ultimate test of its resilience – Sitel Group and Harver are now ready to share the results of their partnership with the world. Join our session for a unique behind-the-scenes look into Sitel Group's end-to-end digital hiring process, the steps they took to get ahead and their ambitions for the future.


Sally Cornet

HR Leader
Sitel Group


Peter van Spaandonk

Enterprise Account Director

2:15 pm - 2:45 pm How to Build a Compelling Business Case for a Cloud Contact Center
Kevin McNulty - Director of Product Marketing, Talkdesk

Embarking on a search for a new contact center solution can be an arduous process for any size organization. With so much information available today it can be difficult to identify truly valuable research and differentiate between seemingly similar solutions.  

Session attendees will learn what type of information is essential to build a compelling business case for a cloud contact center and have access to a Cloud Contact Center Buyer’s Kit. By leveraging the tools and resources available in the Buyer’s Kit, attendees can ensure the necessary due diligence is performed and confidently select the right cloud contact center solution to meet their business needs.

The Cloud Contact Center Buyer’s Kit offers a one-stop solution for procurement teams and CX leaders to build a business case for moving to a cloud contact center. The kit provides tools and resources to streamline the research and evaluation process for buyers to identify the ideal cloud contact center solution. 


Kevin McNulty

Director of Product Marketing

2:15 pm - 2:45 pm Improve Your Digital Customer Engagement with Airkit
Stephanie Todd - Chief Strategy Officer, ERC
Frank Golden - Business Development, Airkit

Customers are increasingly expecting more from their digital interactions with businesses, and due to limited engineering resources, overwhelmed sales and service teams, and other factors, many organizations are struggling to meet these standards. Luckily, CX tools like Airkit make building and deploying great digital experiences faster and simpler. 

On January 25th, tune in to hear from Frank Golden, a member of Airkit’s Business Development team, and an Airkit customer on how to boost digital customer engagement and improve relationships with existing customers. They’ll answer the following questions: 

- How can you identify which digital tools would be best for your operating environment and customer?

- If you are new to digital CX, where do you begin?

- How can you use a solution like Airkit to increase the lifetime value of existing customers? 


Stephanie Todd

Chief Strategy Officer


Frank Golden

Business Development

Businesses today are racing to keep pace with their customers as the bulk of their interactions and purchases have moved online. In this interactive discussion, we’ll share strategies to adapt to rapidly changing customer needs and explore how technology can help you meet your customers where they are—from your online help center to your knowledge base. Join us to learn how customer experience, support, and success leaders plan to tackle top challenges in 2021, based on our proprietary research of nearly 1,800 CX pros.  


Christine Rimer

VP Product Marketing & Voice of Customer

2:45 pm - 3:15 pm How to Build an Automated Digital Infrastructure to Optimize Your Social Media Channel

Megan Merrick - Online Engagement Manager, Freshly
Sandy Ko - Senior Analyst & Conference Director, Customer Management Practice

Social Media has quickly become a channel of customer preference. With more customers digitally connected it is a customer engagement tool that organizations can leverage for a 360-degree view of their customers. However, there are challenges that come with social channels as they are oftentimes siloed and not fully integrated into the overall CX journey. Join Megan for a virtual interview and a Q&A session on how to break down silos and how to build an infrastructure around social and live chat automation to create a better CX journey for your customers.


Megan Merrick

Online Engagement Manager


Sandy Ko

Senior Analyst & Conference Director
Customer Management Practice