Wed, Jan 27 - AI + Automation

Learn the in's and out's of AI and the modern contact center, from RPA to chatbots to how to humanize the technology support experience strategy.


Brad Nichols

Global Customer Service Leader
Dun & Bradstreet


Michael DeJager

Principal Analyst & Head of Production
Customer Management Practice

Contact centers face new challenges as they grapple with spikes in demand, a remote workforce, and compliance concerns. These challenges create opportunities for AI automation solutions that deploy digital workers to come alongside human workers and make their jobs easier. In this session you will learn how AI applied to calls, emails, texts, chats and social streams can automate and accelerate contact center processes. Discover what’s possible including multi-channel ingestion; voice identification; call transcription and translation; text analytics to identify topic, intent and emotional tone; object, face, and text recognition in attached images and video; and other real-time capabilities that assist agents and give managers operational insight. Attend this session and get practical advice on how best to start your contact center AI journey.


Michael DeJager

Principal Analyst & Head of Production
Customer Management Practice


Sean McEvoy

SVP, Business Development

With the landscape of CX rapidly evolving, AI is today’s de-facto buzzword for CX innovation and mobility. But what does AI in CX actually look like today? 


In this session, some of the industry’s foremost AI thought leaders share actionable expert advice on innovating CX operations with AI. Attendees will also learn precisely how EmployBridge seamlessly deployed AI solutions to empower its agents and improve customer satisfaction.


Dale Sturgill

VP, Call Center Operations, Search and Support


Ben Rigby

VP, Global Head of Product & Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Pete Lee

VP of Global Alliances

1:30 pm - 1:45 pm Comfort Break

1:45 pm - 2:15 pm National Retailer Outlines Best Practices for an AI-powered Virtual Agent Implementation

Brian Morin - Chief Marketing Officer, SmartAction
Aarde Coseeboom - Senior Director of GMS Technology, Analysis & Product, Techstyle Fashion Group

Hear first-hand from a major retailer on best practices around AI-powered virtual agent implementation to replace “Press 1” with “How can I help you today?”

TechStyle Fashion Group, operator of brands like ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, and JustFab, continues to optimize their omnichannel strategy over time to expand AI-powered self-service over voice and digital channel that saved over $1 million in operating expenses in just the first 3-months after go-live. Hear best practices on implementation and how iterate and improve over time to increase containment and deliver the most frictionless experience to customers:

- Insight into the evolving capabilities of virtual agents

- 3 things TechStyle wish they knew before they started

- Buy vs Build? Which approach is right for your business

- Best practices for implementing and improving AI self-service


Brian Morin

Chief Marketing Officer


Aarde Coseeboom

Senior Director of GMS Technology, Analysis & Product
Techstyle Fashion Group

2:15 pm - 2:45 pm How to Elevate Empathy and Humanize AI-Powered Interactions
Dave D’Aprile - Senior Director, Product Marketing, Cogito
Kathy Juve - EVP, High Value Services, Concentrix

How can AI support empathy-driven agent interactions? How can you elevate customer experience through real-time emotional intelligence?


Dave D’Aprile

Senior Director, Product Marketing


Kathy Juve

EVP, High Value Services

2:15 pm - 2:45 pm How to Get Started with AI and Voice Data to Improve CX
Scott Stephenson - CEO & Founder, Deepgram
Pete Ellis - Chief Product Officer, Red Box

Many organizations are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunities from their voice data. AI speech recognition and analysis can quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively turn that voice data into hidden insights to improve customer experiences, optimize business processes, and open up revenue opportunities.

In this session, our speakers will share how you can align your business objectives to your AI initiatives and begin unlocking more rich data insights at scale. In doing so, organizations will be able to optimize their call agent performance and team retention, better understand their customers, provide seamless experiences, and ultimately drive growth for the business. 

How to’s (learning objectives):

- How can you architect an AI automation strategy that supports the goal of seamless CX in every way?

- What are the common challenges for incorporating AI automation into your organization?

- What steps need to be taken to ensure AI initiatives align with the greater customer and call agent experience?

- What to do with your audio data and how to leverage the right data and insights for your organization


Scott Stephenson

CEO & Founder


Pete Ellis

Chief Product Officer
Red Box

2:45 pm - 3:15 pm Stay Ahead of the Game: How to Delight Customers Through Automated Proactive Engagement

Annemarie Gaxiola - CX Delivery Manager, Freshly
Sandy Ko - Senior Analyst & Conference Director, Customer Management Practice

Customers find delight when businesses actively initiate ways to anticipate their needs and resolve their issues. Overtime, being proactive will strengthen customer relationships with the brand and help the brand stay ahead of the game among competitors. Join us In the Queue to hear more about how automation is playing a big role to delight Freshly customers through automation during these harrowing times.


Annemarie Gaxiola

CX Delivery Manager


Sandy Ko

Senior Analyst & Conference Director
Customer Management Practice