Tues, Jan 26 - Channel Management

Discuss modern channel strategy and management as COVID has changed the game, with impatient customers demanding results immediately.

12:00 pm - 12:15 pm What if Omnichannel isn’t the Answer?

Baker Johnson - Vice President, Marketing, UJET

Traditional omnichannel strategies have failed modern, smartphone-centric consumers. Channel-stacking requires channel-switching, which breaks the customer journey and introduces latency, frustration, and complexity that thwart efforts to improve the customer experience. In this Big Ideas session, learn how leaders in tech-forward industries like IoT, On-Demand Delivery, eCommerce and Home Automation are retooling for this new modality, by embedding and blending voice and digital channels to orchestrate and deliver more seamless, contextual, and natural experiences.


Baker Johnson

Vice President, Marketing

12:15 pm - 12:30 pm How to Achieve Agility in Your Channel Strategy

Alison Lichtenstein - Head of Customer Experience, Dow Jones

Are you setting your customers and organization up for success when it comes to channel offerings? Fear not, in this Big Idea session, Ali dives into what channel management means to your remote workforce and what it looks like based on the products and services your business offers to your customers. She will also touch upon training agents across channels while remote and how it affects your employee and customer experience.


Alison Lichtenstein

Head of Customer Experience
Dow Jones

One of the keys to success in the modern contact center is to be available in the customer channel of choice. But as a contact center leader how can you ensure your customers can find you? Join us In the Queue + AMA as Trista shares how the right data and bridging organizational silos to work together can effectively make the change your contact center needs to create a more holistic channel strategy for an effortless customer experience.


Trista Miller

Senior Director of Customer Care
Frontier Airlines


Sandy Ko

Senior Analyst & Conference Director
Customer Management Practice

1:00 pm - 1:30 pm Social Media Customer Care in the COVID Era

David Johnston - Head of Social Media, United States Department of Defense

Amidst COVID, social channels in particular have emerged as one of the easiest and quickest ways to interact with customers. Faced with longer wait times, social also becomes a venue for impatient customers to voice their concerns. In this Master Class, learn quick and easy ways to effectively staff and support social media as a customer support channel.


David Johnston

Head of Social Media
United States Department of Defense

1:30 pm - 1:45 pm Comfort Break

1:45 pm - 2:15 pm Accelerating Multi-Channel Success: Why Relevance is the Answer

Joel Sandi - Senior Manager Digital Support, 8x8
Bonnie Chase - Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Coveo

There are many areas where support leaders are investing to make their omni-channel support more effective: chatbots, live chat, mobile, and more. But just making those channels available doesn’t necessarily mean they will be effective. Relevance is about delivering the right information to a customer, based on who they are, what they have done before, and what has made others like them successful. It’s the holy grail of digital support.

Learn how 8x8 is injecting relevance in every touch point across channels to offer the contextual and tailored experience customers expect. You’ll come out with proven practices and technologies to reinvent your support experience, increase self-service adoption and boost case deflection.


Joel Sandi

Senior Manager Digital Support


Bonnie Chase

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

2:15 pm - 2:45 pm How to Action Data and Insight Behind Channel Opportunities
Elizabeth Oates - Senior Director, Consumer Insights, Ulta Beauty

How are you collecting and analyzing channel-specific data to better meet customer needs? How are you benchmarking your channels against industry research?

Join Elizabeth from Ulta Beauty in conversation to discuss how data and insights can drive channel opportunities, foresight, and business success.


Elizabeth Oates

Senior Director, Consumer Insights
Ulta Beauty

2:15 pm - 2:45 pm How Banks Can Build a Seamless Client Experience for the Next Round of PPP
Cory Haynes - Vice President of Industry Strategy, Financial Services and Insurance, Talkdesk

With the new law signed and passed, the new $900 billion deal includes $284 billion for the PPP, which reopens after two previous tranches: $367 billion in March 2020 and an additional $285 billion in April 2020, for a total of $652 billion. Much like the program’s first and second iteration, the third will be in the form of forgivable loans to small firms, but there are likely to be key changes on issues such as eligibility for second-time applicants and other types of forgivable expenses. While many banks struggled to efficiently operate and distribute money during the first PPP window, join this session to learn how:

- The new round of PPP will be different

- Banks can prepare and provide a seamless client experience

- Avoiding mistakes can retain client loyalty


Cory Haynes

Vice President of Industry Strategy, Financial Services and Insurance

Things have not been easy. We are still in quarantine, dealing with a global pandemic, witnessing major historical events, all the while trying to work and manage our day-to-day lives. Even for Superwoman, it is a lot to digest. In this CCWomen feature we are joined by Colleen Beers, President – North America & Europe, of Alorica, a CCW advisory board member, and our very own CCW Superwoman, in an intimate conversation. Colleen will share her personal journey as a female executive, a leader, a wife, and a mother and discuss the path that she has found to understand, face, and manage the world we currently live in.


Sandy Ko

Senior Analyst & Conference Director
Customer Management Practice


Colleen Beers

President of North America and Europe