CCWomen: By Women, For Women

By: Customer Contact Week

CCWomen, created by women, for women in the customer contact industry, provides the space for women to share their stories, build relationships, and work together to tackle the challenges faced in the workplace. Through track sessions led by top female leaders and networking opportunities served with a side of breakfast or lunch, we strive to raise the profile of women in customer contact, develop new skills together, and learn the value of our community.

This past March CCWomen launched the first installment of our #CCWomenStrong campaign in honor of International Women’s Month and asked female industry leaders to pledge to mentor rising women in the workplace and to share their words of wisdom via social media. We hold the firm belief that we are stronger when we come together.

For October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’ll be donating $10 of each registration fee for CCW Nashville to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We’ll also be matching your donations up to $5,000! Register now, support breast cancer research, and become a part of the CCWomen Community.

Additionally, we want to pay tribute to the #CCWomenStrong women in our lives by highlighting them on our online community. Whether it’s your mentor/mentee, your friend, your mom, your sister, your spouse, etc, tell us how she’s overcome obstacles, fought against expectations, supported other professional women, or advocated for herself and others. Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Post a picture of someone who is #CCWomenStrong and feature her on your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.
  2. Answer these questions in your post: What makes this person #CCWomenStrong? How does this person inspire you or motivate you to be #CCWomenStrong?
  3. Encourage others to nominate and feature someone who is also #CCWomenStrong and share their stories.  

Come meet some of the members of the CCWomen community at CCW Nashville this January 28-31, and join us for a networking breakfast and track sessions with conversations led by female customer contact executives. We’ll be talking about self-advocacy, learning your self worth, and a myriad of other topics. 

Don’t forget to follow the #CCWomenStrong Hashtag on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to see all the features!