Customer Contact To Do List - Strategies You Can Implement Now

By: Customer Contact Week

The most productive, customer-centric operations require a thorough vision, methodical planning and carefully calibrated execution. Customers are not going to spend years enduring bad experiences hoping that you will one day deliver a great experience; they want to be satisfied right now.

CCW Nashville, January 28-31, 2020, is designed to honor this urgency. Many of our sessions are predicated on delivering actionable, practical tips you can adopt in the near term, while our speakers will help you spur urgent action and empower immediate results. Below are some of the strategies you can implement now, before joining us in Nashville this January.

Action for Managers (Supervisors, Team Leaders, etc.): Create a Voice of the Agent Program

Agents have unique insight into customer behavior, preferences and emotions and are therefore able to share valuable customer data. Since the agents are the ones that ultimately execute your customer experience strategy, they require an empowering contact center environment.

Steps to Success:
•    Incorporate “customer feedback” into one-on-one coaching sessions and meetings
•    Gauge customer sentiment after calls (ask “how did the customer feel” not “was the problem solved”)
•    Train employees to ask key questions during customer interactions and incentivize feedback
•    Ask agents to review managers and score desktop tools, knowledge base, and training
•    Make “agent effort” a performance priority

Action for Customer Contact Leaders (Directors or VPs): Promote the FP3 Experience

Because customers want fast, easy interactions that yield resolutions on the first contact, CCW Digital data identifies FP3 experience as the most optimal approach. Not only is FP3 good for customers, but it’s also good for business: predictive analytics and proactive outreach are highly efficient in creating personalized experiences. Determine what data is needed to support predictive tailoring on each call in order to generate smoother interactions and build lasting customer relationships.

Urgent FP3 Endeavors:
•    Coach all customer experience stakeholders on the FP3 experience
•    Evaluate journey maps to determine “pain points”
•    Analyze data on customer intent to predict and optimize future interactions accordingly
•    Evaluate bots that can contribute to the FP3 framework

Action for Executives (CCOs or CEOs): Unify the Customer Experience

Customer experience unification requires omnichannel engagement or, in other words, connectivity between all channels. Both journey mapping and automation demand a singular view across all touch points and a synergy between different customer contact functions that ultimately yield optimization.

Key Action Points:
•    Stop isolating the “contact center” from “digital channels” to situate all touch points under the same “roof”
•    Stop isolating “service” from functions like sales, marketing and customer retention
•    Unify all customer contact systems, ensuring agents have a 360-degree customer view
•    Hold functional leaders accountable for “intermediate” metrics like agent effort, time to knowledge, and screen pop quality

Customer contact leaders, managers and practitioners are bound by the environment you create. If you create a broad-sweeping, integrated environment, you empower them to meaningfully connect and understand your customers.

To read more, download the full report here or contact us to get a copy sent to you directly.

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