Guide to Think Tanks


At CCW Nashville 2020, two re-engineered small group formats, Think Tanks and Executive Roundtables, will provide important networking opportunities and facilitate meaningful discussions. While Executive Roundtables are invitation only, Think Tanks are available to all Premium PassHolders. To check out our Package Options, click here.


CCW Think Tanks

Think Tanks are 45 minute structured discussions in private rooms focused on practical “How-To” projects designed for shared benchmarking and solutions-driven conversations. Leave each session with actionable takeaways and resources provided by industry experts and solution providers alongside up to 30 industry peers.

Think Tank Topics

Thursday, 1/30

  • Experience Design: How to Gain Executive Buy-In for Experience Design
  • Recruitment: How to Hire and Retain the Millennial Generation
  • Agent Performance: How to Improve Performance with Agent Engagement and Gamification
  • Holistic CX: How to Tear Down the Silos and Deliver a Unified CX
  • Customer Intent: How to Understand Intent and Proactively
  • Omnichannel: How to Leverage Data to Optimize an Omnichannel CX
  • Cloud: How to Build a Strategy for an Intelligent Cloud Contact Center
  • Digital CX: How to Drive Seamless Digital Engagement


Friday, 1/31

  • Customer Journey: How to Create Customer Journey Maps That Aren’t Just for Customers
  • Social CX: How to Create Engaging Experiences and Respond Instantly on Social Media
  • CX Automation: How to Find the Balance Between Bots and Humans for Optimized CX
  • Actionable Analytics: How to Transform Customer Data into Valuable Decisions
  • Customer Loyalty: How to Transition from a Transaction-Based to Relationship-Based Customer Engagement
  • Personalization: How Customer Data Can be Used to Drive Personalization
  • Empathy: How to Leverage Design Thinking Principles for a Human Centered CX
  • Authentication: How to Implement a Foolproof Caller Authentication Process

CCW Executive Roundtables

Executive Roundtables are 70 minute boardroom-style sessions in private rooms connecting up to 15 executive-level attendees on topics aligned with their purview. Rather than a structured discussion, these open-forums provide a networking opportunity for executives with similar challenges in common. 

Learn more about our small group formats here.

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