How to Achieve the 3 Biggest CX Goals

By: Customer Contact Week

What is the purpose of your customer experience? What impression do you want to leave on customers who enter your engagement journey?

During a CCW Digital podcast, Purple Carrot customer experience leader Meredith Molloy shared her company’s excellent CX mantra:

“Every customer we connect with leaves the conversation - whether it be a phone call, a live chat, or an email - feeling as though we are knowledgeable, empathetic and moving with a sense of urgency.”

Not simply eloquent, the Purple Carrot mantra encapsulates three crucial customer experience priorities:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Friendliness
  3. Speed

CCW Digital research consistently identifies these three factors as game changers when it comes to customer satisfaction. Customers want the right answer, in the right tone, right now. And so whether or not these are part of your official brand mantra, they unequivocally belong on your list of objectives.

The next step is actually achieving those objectives. As you prepare your 2020 customer contact strategy, use this checklist to determine whether you are truly in position to boost accuracy, increase agent affability and reduce customer friction and inefficiency.

  • Are you using a knowledge management platform that simplifies content creation, optimizes search and classification, and leverages analytics to determine how customers and agents are accessing the knowledge base(s)?
  • Do agents have instant access to information about each customer’s profile and interaction history, across channels?
  • Are you using real-time analytics to monitor issues with agent communication?
  • Are you using real-time alerts to identify agent re-training or coaching needs?
  • Are you regularly updating training curricula to account for new products, new channels, new processes or new customer demands?
  • Are you training agents on the importance of personal connections with customers?
  • Are you training agents to use contextual data when interacting with customers?
  • Does your approach to “efficiency metrics” still allow agents to properly converse with customers?
  • Does your contact center scorecard account for factors like warmth and personalization?
  • Do your digital environments allow for personalized, “human” conversations?
  • Are you actively monitoring and acting based on customer sentiment?
  • Are you using your CX journey maps to identify customer pain points and orchestrate better experiences?
  • Is your self-service offering actually helpful?
  • Are you using “intelligent routing” to get customers to the right agent, in the right channel, without unwanted delays or transfers?
  • Do you measure agent effort to ensure employees face no bottlenecks in helping customers?
  • Do you leverage proactive engagement for service in addition to sales and marketing?

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