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2020 Predictions


To celebrate the start of 2020, CCW Digital asked leading brand executives, innovative technology providers, expert analysts and best-selling authors to share their predictions and recommendations for the new year.

Guide to Think Tanks


At CCW Nashville 2020, two re-engineered small group formats, Think Tanks and Executive Roundtables, will provide important networking opportunities and facilitate meaningful discussions. Think Tanks are 45 minute structured discussions in private rooms focused on practical “How-To” projects designed for shared benchmarking and solutions-driven conversations. Leave each session with actionable takeaways and resources.

6 Ways T-mobile Delivers Optimal Customer Experience


Matt Wujciak, Digital Writer & Editor for CCW, had a sit down with Susanna Hadley, Senior Manager, Program Management Operations at T-Mobile, who will be a keynote speaker at CCW Nashville. Here are some highlights of what Susanna had to say during the conversation.

Looking Back at 2019


To empower your organization to successfully connect with customers in 2020, we summarized Top 5 Lessons and trends we learned in 2019 and rounded up some of the best quotes from thought leaders and practitioners in the industry.  

Fun Things at CCW Nashville


Customer Contact Week (CCW) is returning to Nashville. Come join the fun as we learn, grow, and network together and search for solutions to the industry’s most pressing challenges. Here are 10 highlights from our CCW Nashville program that you won’t want to miss.

How to Achieve the 3 Biggest CX Goals

By: Customer Contact Week

Accuracy, Friendliness, Speed. CCW Digital research consistently identifies these three factors as game changers when it comes to customer satisfaction. The next step is actually achieving those objectives. As you prepare your 2020 customer contact strategy, use this checklist to determine whether you are truly in position to boost accuracy, increase agent affability and reduce customer friction and inefficiency.

CCW Guest Post: The Benefits of a Customer-Centric Culture

By: Annette Franz

Customer-centric companies put the customer at the center of all they do; they ensure that they make no decisions without first thinking of the customer and the impact that decision has on the customer. The customer is infused into everything they do. I like to say: No discussions, no decisions, no designs without bringing in the customer and her voice, without asking how it will impact the customer, how it will make her feel, what problems it will help her to solve, what value it will create and deliver for her.

Bring Innovative Thinking to Contact Center Operations

By: Brian Cantor

No one doubts importance of contact center “operations.” Ahead of the CCW Nashville, I wanted to share some of the most pressing operational questions.

4 New Things to Expect at CCW Nashville

By: Kindra Cooper

At CCW Nashville, we’re bringing together professionals from a range of industries and functions to share their wisdom on everything from automation to personalizing the customer experience and more. Here are four new onsite features to look forward to in January 2020.

CCW Think Tanks and Executive Roundtables

By: Customer Contact Week

As CCW continues to scale, our team pays close attention to the meaningful, small group connections that are intentionally curated on-site. We are excited to introduce two re-engineered small group formats to CCW Nashville in 2020: Think Tanks and Executive Roundtables.

CCWomen: By Women, For Women

By: Customer Contact Week

CCWomen, created by women, for women in the customer contact industry, provides the space for women to share their stories, build relationships, and work together to tackle the challenges faced in the workplace. Through track sessions led by top female leaders and networking opportunities served with a side of breakfast or lunch, we strive to raise the profile of women in customer contact, develop new skills together, and learn the value of our community.

5 Steps to Improve Contact Center Security and Fraud Prevention

By: Customer Contact Week

Today’s customers want, expect, and deserve an outstanding experience every time they engage with a brand. However, with the ever-present threat of a data breach and instances of identity fraud increasing, ensuring a top-notch service is becoming more and more difficult without compromising the customer experience. 

4 Keys to Customer Trust

By: Brian Cantor

In today’s era of customer centricity, it is rarely enough for customers to like your product - they have to trust you. They have to feel wholly comfortable (if not passionate) about supporting your brand. So what exactly makes a brand trustworthy? Take a look at the 4 key elements.

Customer Contact To Do List - Strategies You Can Implement Now

By: Customer Contact Week

The most productive, customer-centric operations require a thorough vision, methodical planning and carefully calibrated execution. Customers are not going to spend years enduring bad experiences hoping that you will one day deliver a great experience; they want to be satisfied right now. Below are some of the strategies you can implement now, before joining us in Nashville this January.

What's New at CCW Nashville 2020?

By: Customer Contact Week

We're headed back to Nashville this January 28-31! Come join us in 2020 and experience the new things that are coming at CCW Nashville.

Speaker Spotlight: Kelley Kurtzman, VP, Global Consumer Sales & Service Center, Verizon

By: Customer Contact Week

Brian Cantor, Principal Analyst at CCW Digital recently interviewed Kelley Kurtzman, VP, Global Consumer Sales & Service Center at Verizon to discuss reducing effort, going digital, leveraging artificial intelligence, empowering agents and her involvement in CCWomen, an initiative we launched earlier this year.