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Expert Insights: Creating a Holistic Customer Experience

Expert Insights: Creating a Holistic Customer Experience

Customer experience lives so far and beyond the contact center or customer function, culminating as the sum of all touchpoints a user or customer has with an organization. These interactions are shaped by the C-level, operations, organizational development, experience design, and of course, customer titles of all types. 

At CCW Nashville, we seek to take a look at the collaboration required across the holistic customer journey, convening a dynamic panel of executives to speak to the collaboration required across enterprise siloes in order to design and deliver on customer experience. 

The panel takes a holistic view of the customer journey, examining unique enterprise functions, how they influence customer experience, and most importantly how they strive to collaborate with those influencing journey touch points.

 Members of the Holistic CX Panel include:

  • Natalie Higgins, SVP, CX Channels & Segments, Citizens Bank
  • Heidi Munc,AVP, User Experience, Nationwide Insurance
  • Valerie Egen, VP, Global Customer Engagement, Subway
  • Cory Kreeck, VP, Organization Development, Beach Body
  • Michael Kadel, COO, Santa Clara Federal Credit Union

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