Special Report: 360-Degree Customer View

Special Report: 360-Degree Customer View

During their interactions with brands, fewer than 21% of customers believe agents truly know about them or their issues. Fewer than 26% believe agents have enough context to solve the problem at the beginning of the interaction.

If you don’t truly know and understand your customers, how can you connect with them?

It is time to change this reality. It is time to develop a 360-degree view of customers.

This report will empower you to develop that more vivid, more actionable view of your customers. With insight into who your customers are and why they are connecting, you will be able to maximize sales opportunities, deliver exemplary service, and cultivate lasting loyalty. 

Topics include:

  • Research on how brands are failing customers and agents
  • 3 crucial parts of a 360-degree view
  • 5 reasons brands don’t know their customers
  • Specific action steps for better understanding customers
  • 7 ways to use a 360-degree view to improve CX and EX

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