Special Report: Business Continuity & Risk Planning

Special Report: Business Continuity & Risk Planning

Without a resilient response plan for the wide variety of threats that your organization is susceptible to, you cannot possibly survive. And after this year especially, companies have truly witnessed the value that a strong business continuity and risk plan can provide.

According to a CCW Digital 2020 Market Study, over 50% of respondents – and their respective organizations – have prioritized the development of a business continuity plan.

Through this mass transition to remote work, which for many was likely an entirely new experience, these efforts have only become more imperative.

From unforeseen external threats and internal limitations, to a remote workforce that requires continuous training and awareness around business continuity planning – these challenges are only more difficult to overcome in a socially distant world. Within such a shifting landscape, these efforts are no longer something your organization can afford to put on the back burner.

This report on Business Continuity & Risk Planning will cover:

  • The top threats to business continuity right now
  • How shifting customer service and experience needs, expectations, and preferences play a role in shaping your business continuity plan
  • The importance of working through silos and leveraging technology while working toward organizational resilience
  • The top 4 best practices for creating an effective, sustainable and practical business continuity plan

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