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Special Report: Contact Center Security, Authentication & Fraud Prevention

Special Report: Contact Center Security, Authentication & Fraud Prevention

The contact center is under siege, and many organizations are greatly unprepared.

Still reliant upon antiquated, insufficient authentication techniques, these organizations leave their contact centers – particularly the voice channel – vulnerable.  Worse, these ineffective endeavors actually hurt the customer experience.  They make interactions slower and more frustrating.

It is time to fix this problem.  It is time to pair authentication and fraud prevention in a way that creates more security and more agent and customer satisfaction.  This report explores the customer-centric way to strengthen security.  Topics include:

  • 5 reasons contact centers are vulnerable
  • Six imperatives for contact center authentication and fraud prevention
  • 3 ways customer demands are impacting the state of security
  • Tips, tools, and metrics for strengthening the contact center
  • 4 ways authentication and fraud prevention can add value to the customer experience

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