Special Report: The Future of a Hybrid Customer Experience

Special Report: The Future of a Hybrid Customer Experience

While the support and holistic experience that brands are able to offer their customers has been a hot topic for some time now, it is arguably more crucial to prioritize than ever before. According to CCW Digital’s 2020 Consumer Preferences survey, over 58% of consumers care more about the customer experience when deciding which companies to support and buy from following COVID-19.

As most consumers are still living in a socially distant, primarily digital world when interacting with different brands, companies have had to significantly reshape their approach toward customer support and experience.

And although most organizations have made the clear choice to optimize their digital interactions with customers, it is essential to now take a step back and ensure your brand is continuing to present its customers with the right options and touchpoints at the right moments along their journey. This report will uncover:

  • Top challenges that contact centers, customer support and experience teams everywhere will continue to be up against under the current landscape
  • How to set your brand up for enduring success and the importance of building out a unified CX mindset and culture
  • The importance of working toward a hybrid customer experience, balancing digital with human elements, and shifting from a mindset of “call center” to “customer experience center”
  • The top 3 ways to shape your CX strategy and deliver an experience that customers are looking for – both today and tomorrow

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