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AI Fueled Interaction Analytics Simplified: How Omni-Channel Analytics Technology Works and Applies Today
2:15 PM

Led by: Brian Roche, Marketing Director, Call Miner & Eduardo von Borstel, Senior Solutions Architect, Call Miner

WHY? Our workshop format gives you an immersive, hands on experience at tackling our hottest topics. This session focuses heavily on client case studies and proven ROI to take home tangible understandings to have the AI analytics conversations in your contact center & CX function. 

CX Intelligent Automation: Deliver Tangible ROI through Process Excellence, BPM, RPA, and AI Across Journey Maps
10:50 AM

Led by: Vinay Mummigatti, Chief Automation Officer at LexisNexis

WHY? Leading the process transformation for all things automation at LexisNexis, Vinay brings an extensive history of expertise across industry. This session ties together customer service powered by AI at large and implications of process required for excellent execution. 

Creating Effortless Experience through Holistic Digital Transformation

Led by: Kelley Kurtzman, VP Global Consumer Sales & Service Centers, Verizon

WHY? The ideal result from AI is to reduce effort and drive efficiency—Kelley’s session dives into the actual implementation of AI to drive these specific metrics impacting high frequency/low value interactions and isolating points of effort to streamline. 

You Choose: Time Block A starts at 10:50 AM and Time Block B Starts at 3:30 PM

IDG #1 CHATBOTS: Leverage Bots for Human Interaction Optimization
Led by: Ashley Welch, Director of Service, Lola

WHY? Everyone is talking about and to them, but how do we humanize the process to optimize chatbot use  in  customer service. Ashley provides her perspective in a heavily digitally focused organization, providing the perfect format to continuously benchmark and improve in the customer experience.

IDG #4: CX AUTOMATION: Optimize Response Time in the Customer’s Channel of Choice
Led by: Chris Hoffman, Head of Customer Care, Helix

WHY? Chris comes from a varied background of start ups with a deep understanding of the technical nuances in building AI in the customer service function. In this session, get granular with AI in practice and on the radar of your peers.

IDG #6: PERSONALIZATION: How to Connect Data and AI for Personalized Touch Points
Led by: Samuel Carrington, Help & Service Design Manager, Lyft

WHY? In today’s experience economy, hyper personalization is expected. Paired with machine learning, we have the customer data to make this reality. This session will explore integrating personalization into existing end-to-end experiences. 

Cultural Transformation + Digital Transformation: How to Get Executive Leadership in Candence with Customer Contact Strategy
12:00 PM

Led by: Jared Benesh, Executive Director, Contact Center Technology/Product Strategy

WHY? Spearheading the technology initiatives at Quicken Loans, Jared brings 25 years of contact center technology experience into discussion with their cutting edge product transformations. In addition, balancing the nuances of cultural understanding to allow for seamless integrations is key to the realization of digital transformation within your organization. 

The In’s and Out’s of Contact Center and CX Technology Selection
1:30 PM

Led by Anil Ravula, Staff VP, Contact Center at Anthem

WHY? Anil is responsible for the entirety of the technology across contact centers in Anthem, much of this we must utilize vendor partners to optimize. A true expert with experience in technology selection from one of the largest insurance providers, Anil addresses the In’s and Out’s of his relationships with technology partners and best practices for selection that fits your CX challenges. 

You Choose: Time Block C starts at 11:25 AM and Time Block D starts at 1:30 PM

IDG #16 SELF SERVICE: How to Build & Implement a New Self Service Solution
Led by: Ashley Welch, Director of Service, Lola

WHY? Today, self service reduces efforts and streamlines costs and often is the preferred channel of customers. But how do executives influence implementation? Ashley addresses her experience in new self service implementation alongside peers to benchmark against.

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