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January 28-31, 2020 | JW Marriott, Nashville, TN

Employee Engagement

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Project Analysis: Understanding Employee Experience to Alleviate Internal Pain Points

2:15 PM

Led by: Sue Hoffman, AVP, Customer Experience at Colonial Life

WHY? Sue addresses the quintessential conversation of employee experience to customer experience. In short—happy agents deliver happy experiences. Take a deep dive into Sue’s Journey putting the agent first and the technology in turn used to empower employees. This interactive session is followed by a hands-on activity to start to curate your own performance model to mitigate risk and optimize talent. 

20th Anniversary Headline Keynote: Design and Deliver Happiness for Employees and Customers

8:20 AM 

Led by: Jenn Lim, CEO & Chief Happiness Officer, Delivering Happiness

WHY?  Author of The Zappos Culture Book and long time partner Tony Hsieh (CEO of, Jen address the science-based case for happiness and passion for work, home, and life. This session brings insights in not only addressing happy customers, but happy employees to create a culture of “Wow!” experiences. 

*Pro Tip:  Don’t miss her book signing in the Expo Hall at the 9:20 am Networking Break*

Metrics Keynote-RIP Whack-A-Metric:  Leverage Behavioral Coaching to Transform Contact Center Performance

5:15 PM

Led by: Jared Benesh, Executive Director, Contact Center Technology/Product Strategy

WHY? Behavioral coaching in the contact center can be a powerful tool in driving behavior, and Jared brings his patented process and expertise to deliver results with your contact center employees. Moving passed metrics and into complex behavioral models, this session addresses next gen approaches for employee engagement and empowerment. 

Distill the Fear of Digital Transformation: Engaging Employees to Embrace Change

11:25 AM

Led by: Kandy White, VP, Service Technology, Small Business Services, ADP

WHY?  In today’s digital age, technology is all around and affecting everyone’s individual roles. In order to effectively implement changes, you must effectively manage your employee expectations. With her psychology & coaching background, Kandy addresses this challenge and effective ways to mitigate the fear of unknown through digital transformation. 

Elevating Employee Engagement: Happy Workers mean Happy Customers

4:05 PM

Led by: Brian Carlson, Sr. Director, Patient Experience at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

WHY? Brian Carlson brings accountability for both internal and external experiences in one of the Top 20 U.S. News Best Hospitals. This section addresses how to establish and hold employees accountable for representation of your brand.

You Choose: Time Block A starts at 10:50 PM and Time Block B starts at 3:30 PM

IDG #16 REMOTE AGENTS: How to Build & Implement a New Self Service Solution

Led by: Reid London, Managing Director of Operations at American Cancer Society

WHY? Alternative work opportunities are continuing to emerge and remote work is trending among today’s workforce. Reid facilitates with his own unique experience and implications of moving his entire workforce remote over the course of one year. 

Culture Keynote: Permeating Culture: How to streamline and Evangelize Culture When Geographically Dispersed

3:45 pm 

Led by: Kendal Jolly, Managing Director, Culture and Brand Awareness, Toll Brothers

WHY?  Former Disney Institute, Kendal brings extensive consulting experience across multiple industries and organizations. At Toll Brother’s he manages a dispersed team made up of entrepreneurial leaders—a big undertaking when speaking on engaging employees and delivering a singular brand voice. 

Employee Brand Engagement: Employees as Your Most Valuable Customers

11:25 AM 

Led by: Alexis Smith, Former Director of Employer Branding & Digital Experience, Anheuser-Busch

WHY?  As per theme, employees are your most valuable asset—but should also be considered your most valuable customer. Taking a unique approach with her marketing background, Alexis brings to light the seemingly obvious tactic of using typical customer engagement strategies across multiple channels, platforms, and experiences to target employees to build trust and create your greatest brand ambassadors. 

CX + EX: Designing Customer Experiences to Optimize Employee Efficiency

1:30 PM

Led by Nate Brown, Director of Customer Experience at UL EHS Sustainability

WHY? A long time thought leader in the contact center space, Nate focuses on the tangible strategies around integrated feedback to optimize not only the employee experience, but your organization’s VoC capabilities. 

How to Raise the Bar on Agent Retention

2:05 PM

Led by Leigh Roach, Customer Service Manager, Johnston & Murphy

WHY? Call centers are infamous for extremely high turnover, but Johnston & Murphy’s contact center maintains a 90% retention rate. Take a deep dive with Leigh into the impact of employee happiness, and the onboarding practices that led to this impressive statistic. 

You Choose: Time Block C starts at 11:25 AM and Time Block D starts at 1:25 PM

IDG #10 ACTIONABLE ANALYTICS: Speech Analytics: Metrics Built to Enhance Individual Agent Performance

Led by: Dilesh Bansal, Sr. Director, Customer Care Analytics, ADT

WHY? A long time contact center veteran, Dilesh works cross functionally with his workforce management leader to leverage his analytics and insights to improve agent performance. This session takes a deep dive into the work with Speech analytics to enable better performance from agents, but also allows for open discussion on other actionable analytics from the discussion group at large. 

IDG #15 LEARNING & DEVELOPEMENT: How to Train Learning & Development in the Contact Center

Led by: Lora Lutts, Manager, Call Center Training & Quality Assurance at Kroger

WHY? The notion of employees being your brand ambassadors is becoming more prevalent. What steps can you start to take to not only develop this voice within your agents, but also when working with outsourced partners? Lora will explore her experience doing just so across 5 contact centers as well as fielding discussion from the group on their initiatives, best practices, and ideas. 

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