Holistic Customer Journey

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The Integrated Customer Journey: Leverage Agents to Prototype Technology

11:45 AM

Led by: Barton May, Director Call Center Platforms, IT Planning & Strategy, Hilton

WHY? This session is a deep dive into Customer Journey mapping, bringing in the unique approach of using one of your strongest assets in the process—your employees! Barton will walk through his project integrating agent feedback into optimizing the customer journey in the contact center at Hilton. This session will start with a Market Brief from CCW Lead Analyst Brian Cantor and round up with an interactive activity to begin to put journey mapping into practice. 

Driving Customer Lifetime Value: Understanding the Collaboration of CX to Drive Value

1:30 PM

Led by: Tuck Ross, SVP, Product and Consumer Marketing, Synchrony

WHY?  From collaboration, to employee experience, to optimizing marketing touchpoints as a contact points, Tuck brings his myriad of experience to this session taking  the holistic view of the value of your customer across their  lifetime. 

CX as a Shared Service: Address the “How” of Integrating Customer Experience Organization-Wide

10:50 AM

Led by: Kelly Steele, VP Customer Care, Freddie Mac

WHY?  Using your Customer Experience team as a shared service requires a holistic approach to CX that translates across organizational functions. Kelly shares her experience building credibility from the ground up through journey mapping, and best practices to maintain the resource across the business.

You Choose: Time Block A starts at 10:50 AM and Time Block B starts at 3:25 PM

IDG #17 OMNICHANNEL: Delivering World-Class Experiences through Connected Channels

Led by: Greg Hill, Assisted Service Design Lead, Lyft

WHY? What better use case of a fully fleshed out holistic journey map than to optimize your omnichannel experience. Gregory focuses specifically on VoC data to build out your omnichannel strategy to offer true seamless experience. 

Bridge the Siloes of Experience Design & Delivery

8:20 AM

Panelists : Valerie Egen, VP Global Customer Engagement, Subway; Cory Kreeck, Group VP People Operations at Beachbody; Natalie Higgins, SVP, CX Channels & Segments at Citizens Bank ; Heidi Munc, AVP, User Experience at Nationwide Insurance; Michael Kadel, COO at Santa Clara Federal Credit Union

WHY? If the title doesn’t give it away, this is a session you do not want to miss if your focus is on Holistic Customer Experience. Bringing backgrounds from operations, CX, Contact Center, Marketing, and People, each member brings their expertise and perspective to the customer journey. 

Next Generation Member Centricity: Active Members for Self Empowerment

12:00 PM

Led by: Deb DeNure, Associate Director, Sales Learning & Performance, Humana

WHY? Humana has a story that goes beyond the typical customer journey—addressing their Bold Goal program, Deb explores empowering members to take ownership of their health and experience therefore creating proactive positive touchpoints with the brand. 

You Choose: Time Block C starts at 11:25 AM and Time Block D starts at 1:25 PM

IDG #9 CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPPING: Best Practices in Journey Mapping Inclusive of All Stakeholders

Led by: Alison Lichtenstein, Director, Customer Experience Design at Dow Jones

WHY? Alison grew the experience design practice at Dow Jones working on both the CX side and Contact Center. Using journey mapping at the core of the practice, Alison is the perfect facilitator to discuss best practices in using journey mapping as a common place tool in your business. 

IDG #13 DESIGN THINKING FOR CX: Using Human Centered Design to Improve Business

Led by: Lori Cobb, VP Customer Solutions, Cummins

WHY? Design Thinking, when done correctly, takes into account the entirety of the customer experience. Lori addresses gaining initial buy-in for human centered design and the impact on various business units. 

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