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Founded in 1995, CRMXchange has long been recognised as a premiere destination on the Internet for the exchange of information and ideas on customer relationship management, sales, contact center, and telemarketing issues. Today, the site offers a wide variety of resources for CRM professionals. CRMXchange has developed unique insights into... Read More

Telecom Reseller

Telecom Reseller is your source for news, information and insight on UC, Cloud and Collaboration. We report extensively on enterprise grade cloud, mobility, Skype, WebRTC and on prem based solutions. Our eBulletins, podcasts, broadcasts, online and print editions reach over 40,000 qualified readers. For a free subscription visit Read More


Annette Franz

Annette Franz is founder and CEO (Chief Experience Officer, of course!) of CX Journey Inc. She's got 25 years of experience in both helping companies understand their employees and customers and identifying what drives retention, satisfaction, engagement, and the overall experience - so that, together, we can design a better... Read More

Annie Meehan

Annie is a speaker and an award winning author based in Minneapolis, MN. After starting her career in corporate America, she is a powerful, successful motivational speaker with heart and determination that awakens her audiences to action. Annie uses personal and professional expertise to inspire her audiences, using dynamic and... Read More

Charles Ryan Minton

Charles Ryan Minton is a customer and employee experience keynote speaker, author and the president of CRM Hospitality & Consulting, LLC.  An award-winning former hotel general manager for some of the world’s most recognizable brands, Ryan has helped shaped the customer and employee experiences of high-profile companies such as Jaguar,... Read More

Dan Gingiss

Dan's 20-year career has consistently focused on delighting customers. He has held leadership positions at three Fortune 300 companies – McDonald’s, Discover and Humana – in customer experience, marketing, social media and customer service. He is now an international keynote speaker and experience consultant. Dan is the author of the book,... Read More

Dennis Wakabayashi

Dennis Wakabayashi, VP of Digital and Integrated Marketing for The Integer GroupIf you've ever heard the sound a can of spray paint makes as shaken — the no-sound-like-it rattle, you can relate in some way to how I started my career. Not as the person who now heads up The... Read More

James Dodkins

James used to be an actual, real life, legitimate, award-winning rockstar. He played guitar in a heavy metal band, released albums and tore up stages all over the world, James uses this unique experience to energize, empower and inspire his clients and their teams as a 'Customer Experience Rockstar'.Not only... Read More

Jeanne Bliss

Jeanne Bliss pioneered the role of the Chief Customer Officer, holding the first ever CCO role for over 20 years at Lands’ End, Microsoft, Coldwell Banker and Allstate Corporations. Reporting to each company’s CEO, she moved the customer to the strategic agenda, creating transformational changes to each brands’ customer experience.... Read More

Jim Tincher

As Heart of the Customer’s Mapper-in-Chief, Jim sees the world in a special way: through the eyes of customers.With a lifelong passion for customer experience, Jim founded Heart of the Customer to help companies of all sizes increase customer engagement. Before launching the company, Jim led customer engagement initiatives at... Read More

Scotty Werner

Scotty began his career in Baltimore. While attending high school and college he was trying to find a career that he enjoyed all the while trying to stay in shape by going to the gym. Even while Scotty was at the gym, he always had a passion to help others... Read More

Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert and the Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations.  He is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author and has been inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame for lifetime achievement in the speaking profession.  Shep works... Read More

Media Partners

AI Time Journal

The mission of AI Time Journal is to divulge information and knowledge about Artificial Intelligence, the changes that are coming and new opportunities to use AI technology to benefit humanity.AI Time Journal promotes Artificial Intelligence initiatives and organizations with the aim to enable people with the knowledge and the tools to drive... Read More

CDP Institute

The Customer Data Platform Institute educates marketers and technologists about customer data management.   The Institute publishes industry news and educational materials, provides vendor comparison reports, builds directories of industry vendors and service firms, and offers Webinars, workshops, and consulting on related issues.  Customer Data Platforms are defined as “packaged software... Read More

Chatbots Journal

Chatbots Journal is a platform for bot enthusiasts to share and learn all about how chatbots work, what will be the future of early adoption of the technology & why implementation can gain some extra mileage. Chatbots Journal is run by volunteers from various industry leaders, software developers, writers & AI researchers... Read More

CIO Applications

CIO Applications ( magazine stands out with its unique approach to learning from industry leaders offering professionals the most comprehensive collection of technology trends. CIO Applications is enabling the businesses to move a step ahead and guiding them towards adopting the best in technology that can assist them in providing... Read More

CLocate is a leading international directory for worldwide conferences and exhibitions. is equipped with a unique and comprehensive search that helps you find easily any event in any category or location. Each event includes detailed information, like, description, dates, location, map, prices, link to the official event's website and... Read More


CSM is a leading online magazine and community for customer service managers and professionals. The CSM website is packed with customer service articles, skills and tips - all designed to help improve your customer service. At CSM you can join for free and receive a valuable customer service newsletter each... Read More

Customer Service Institute of America

The Customer Service Institute of America (CSIA) provides organizations with education, certification and recognition in the field of customer experience.  We support organizations and individuals with best practice know-how, education, certification, international recognition, and practical support – all from a globally recognized service standard.CSIA believes that great customer experience is... Read More

Fast Leader

The Fast Leader Show is a weekly podcast created to help you move onward and upward faster in your career and life. Each week, well-respected industry leaders and special guests share their personal stories, share insights, strategies, and lessons learned to help you lead an effective and efficient operation. We... Read More

Loyalty Magazine

The Loyalty Magazine Group consists of three elements; Loyalty Magazine, The Loyalty Magazine Awards and The Loyalty Surgery conference. Three incredible, connected platforms to provide information, a forum for discussion and to celebrate excellence, innovation and creativity. For partners, it provides support for your brand, and services all your marketing... Read More

Quirk's Media

Quirk’s Media ( produces a print and digital magazine, e-newsletters, events and a comprehensive website – all of which is devoted entirely to professionals responsible for conducting, coordinating and purchasing marketing research products and services. Designed to promote the understanding, use and value of marketing research, Quirk’s free resources include... Read More

Society of Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP)

The Society of Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP) is an organization devoted to facilitating education and networking opportunities among workforce planners in the contact center.  SWPP provides its membership with a variety of benefits, including:  member-only access to the website; e-mail Tip of the Week; quarterly newsletters with timely articles written... Read More

The IoT Magazine

The #1 place to learn about IoT. It is a platform for IoT enthusiasts to share and learn all about latest trends and technologies. Experts, authors, developers and thought leaders come together and share their learning, research studies, projects or anything that adds value to our audience. Check out some of their articles:Why IoT... Read More

Through education, industry news, live events and social influence, global buyers rely on TMCnet’s content-driven marketplaces to make purchase decisions and navigate markets. As a result, leading technology vendors turn to TMC and TMCnet for branding, thought leadership and lead generation opportunities. TMC’s in-person and online events deliver unmatched visibility... Read More

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