Kathy Juve

EVP, High Value Services Concentrix

Kathy is a member of the Concentrix Senior Executive team and is responsible for managing the company’s Customer Experience, Technology, and Insights team. This team is comprised of various business units, including Global Consulting, Global Analytics and Insights, Omnichannel technology, and the VOC SaaS business. Prior to Concentrix, Kathy was responsible for the Convergys Digital Business unit, which focused on automation, RPA, analytics, and omnichannel transformation. She also served as Global CMO for Convergys. Kathy spent 10 years at 247.ai, where she was responsible for a variety of roles, including product strategy, product marketing, CMO, CRO, and customer success. An industry expert, Kathy has over 20 years of experience in the CX industry, including contact centers, CX transformation, automation, CX technology, and self-service technology. She is passionate about helping large enterprises succeed through intelligent automation and creating impactful and modern experiences that drive a better CX for their B2C or B2B customers.

Wed, Jan 27 - AI + Automation

Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

2:15 PM How to Elevate Empathy and Humanize AI-Powered Interactions

How can AI support empathy-driven agent interactions? How can you elevate customer experience through real-time emotional intelligence?