Luke Hagstrand

VP, CX Personalization Comcast Cable

Luke leads customer experience personalization at Comcast.  His team develops and implements digital, data-driven solutions that scale to millions of customers while solving each individual’s unique needs.  Previously he held leadership roles driving technology, product development and business transformation at Comcast, Lockheed Martin and global software start-up.

Why Luke?
Luke brings his knowledge of customer experience personalization to CCW Austin. During his session, he will demonstrate how to build a brand of love through personalization and consumer privacy  and how to scale and maintain safety and security through more channels. 

Mon, Jan 25 - Digital Transformation

Monday, January 25th, 2021

12:15 PM How to Overcome Fears of Digital Transformation

Digital innovation is quickly becoming a new core competency in organizations. As the demands of our customers increase businesses are leveraging technology and undergoing digital transformations to meet their customers in the way they expect. But digital transformation is no easy feat with the fear of change met with resistance and constraints in the current operating environment. In this keynote, Luke will share his success story at Comcast to help you discover a very orchestrated and elegant way to align a digital forward mindset with people across the organization, overcome the fears of digital acceleration by building expectations around consumer experiences, and leveraging software to get the desired outcomes and experiences for success.