Peter van Spaandonk

Enterprise Account Director Harver

Mon, Jan 25 - Digital Transformation

Monday, January 25th, 2021

1:45 PM How Digitizing Hiring Leads to a 45% Attrition Decrease

As part of a company-wide digital transformation strategy, Sitel Group® completely digitized its hiring process by partnering with Harver. The goal? To improve the candidate experience, decrease attrition and be ready for whatever the future would have in store. With this new process in place – and the events of 2020 as the ultimate test of its resilience – Sitel Group and Harver are now ready to share the results of their partnership with the world. Join our session for a unique behind-the-scenes look into Sitel Group's end-to-end digital hiring process, the steps they took to get ahead and their ambitions for the future.