Stephanie Todd

Chief Strategy Officer ERC

Mon, Jan 25 - Digital Transformation

Monday, January 25th, 2021

2:15 PM Improve Your Digital Customer Engagement with Airkit

Customers are increasingly expecting more from their digital interactions with businesses, and due to limited engineering resources, overwhelmed sales and service teams, and other factors, many organizations are struggling to meet these standards. Luckily, CX tools like Airkit make building and deploying great digital experiences faster and simpler. 

On January 25th, tune in to hear from Frank Golden, a member of Airkit’s Business Development team, and an Airkit customer on how to boost digital customer engagement and improve relationships with existing customers. They’ll answer the following questions: 

- How can you identify which digital tools would be best for your operating environment and customer?

- If you are new to digital CX, where do you begin?

- How can you use a solution like Airkit to increase the lifetime value of existing customers?