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23 - 25 September, 2019
Chelsea Toronto, ON

Welcome to CX Week Canada

By: Marisa White

Celebrating 20 years in customer service, the Customer Management Practice is proud of its legacy in the Canadian market, seeking to highlight the evolving definition of customer experience in the modern experience economy.

No longer limited to one channel of communication and addressed as a holistic business strategy, customer experience is integral throughout the end-to-end customer journey and expands  beyond the traditional customer function. Whether focused in digital, marketing, service or operations, delivering differentiated experience is essential for sustainable business.

This year, CX Week Canada explores customer experience as the central driver for successful business outcomes using tools such as customer service, design thinking, employee experience andtechnology to deliver on this promise.

We will feature: 

Design & Innovation Focus Day:

This year we take a deep dive into Design Thinking with an entire day dedicated to the mindset and best practices: 

        Case Study Examples of Design Thinking in Action
        Insight & Practice of Design for Good
        Hands-On Learning of the Design Thinking Process
        Cross-Departmental Implementation of Design
        Insights to the Design of Your Future Business

Customer Experience as Holistic Strategy:

As CX permeates department, function, and greater business strategy, we analyze the end-to-end strategy focusing on three tools to drive success:

Customer Service — the aftercare of a customer’s experience can greatly enhance or alter positive and negative experiences

Employee Experience — how does your back of house impact your customer-facing experiences

Technology — we are living in an increasingly digital environment, and optimizing the right technology can differentiate CX

Living Customer Experience Through Experiential Networking 

What better way to learn the principles then seeing them demonstrated in real time. All networking breaks drive connections and purpose living through formats such as:    

            Speed Networking during networking drive to meet all our leading partners

            Gamification during breaks to add fun and meaningful connections

            Storytelling to drive group sharing and best practices

            Icebreaker Activities to build a sense of community with our CX leaders

            Speaker Meet & Greets to gather additional advice and insights


Exciting Learning Formats:

Not Everyone gains value from a 30 minute presentation. How can we continue to push knowledge sharing through differentiated learning formats? You will experience:

·         Dynamic Keynotes

·         Experiential Networking

·         Interactive Discussion Groups

·         Expert Panel Discussions

·         Cross-Industry Power Hours

·         Engaging Workshops

·         Facilitated Site Tours  

The experience economy is now! Are you prepared to compete?

See you in Toronto,

The CX Week Canada Team

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