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View Full Event Guide: CX Week Canada 2019

CX Week Canada 2019 explores customer experience as the central driver for successful business outcomes using tools such as customer service, design thinking, employee experience and technology to deliver on this promise. Featured

Key Event Information

2019 CX Week Canada ROI Toolkit

Thinking about attending CX Week Canada 2019? Let us help you convince your colleague or manager to attend. This ROI toolkit includes:Convince your boss letterTop reasons to attendEstimated budget expense sheetand more!To get this toolkit sent to you directly, contact us here.

Past Attendee Snapshot

Interested in attending? Take a look at who joined us at CX Week Canada in 2018! To get a copy of this sent to you directly, contact us here. 

CX Week Canada Early Event Info

Part 1 of the early event info for CX Week Canada is here! Check out our:Keynote FeatureNewly confirmed speakersConference ScheduleWhat's new this year and more! 

Exclusive Content

Special Report: Customer Experience Journey Mapping

Customer journey maps are so much more than a handy visualization tool for rooting out pain points and gaps in the customer experience. The goal is to take those insights on board and turn them into goals for your business. Done right, a customer journey map can help you answer...

Why Design Thinking is Necessary for Excellent CX

As many organizations clamor to become more customer-centric, a lot of businesses overemphasize customer mandates for speed and efficiency and further shed the experiences that nurture long-term customer loyalty. Innovation consultant Colin Hunter, Founder and CEO of Potential Squared, shares insight on how his team trains leadership teams to instill...

The State of CX

CX is no longer limited to one department. Instead, CX permeates to the business strategy of many leading organizations and across the entirety of the enterprise. To illustrate the reach and impact of emerging CX we asked some of our leading expert speakers at CX Week Canada, Sept. 23-25, Chelsea...

Innovation by Design Thinking

Organizations such as Mattel, Loblaw, Intuit, and BMO Financial utilize Design Thinking to not only drive meaningful innovation, but also foster cross-functional collaboration between teams, customer-centricity as a culture, and lasting organizational transformation to compete in today’s experience economy. But what is design thinking and how can you start to implement...

Customer Experience 101

In the modern experience economy, customers seek and expect a great deal beyond simple delivery of a product or service. They expect an integrated, omni-channel, individualized and effortless experience. A variety of factors including technology advancement and disruptive competition pioneered this customer experience transformation, and now a company’s ability to...

CCW Digital

CCW Digital: Media Kit

CCW Digital is a cost-effective way to deliver your message, position yourself as a thought leader, and introduce new products, techniques and strategies to the market. It allows you to not only align your company with CCW Digital's wealth of relevant content and media, but also IQPC's Customer Management Practice's...


CX Week Canada Sponsorship Kit

Interested in getting more information on sponsoring CX Week Canada? Check out the Sponsorship Kit!

Past Speaker Presentations

INDUSTRY UPDATE: The State of Customer Experience in Canada

At CX Week Canada 2018, John Bardawill, Managing Director at TMG International Inc. presented on the state of CX in Canada and why companies need to realize its importance. In his presentation, he discusses:The CX FrameworkDissatisfiers by industryA weak employee experience foundation Recipe for CX successand more.To get a copy of...

CASE KEYNOTE: Embracing Customer Experience - How to Ensure CX Makes an Impact

"Organizations that fail often lack understanding of what great customer experiences look like and how to get there." Corby Fine, Vice President at Simplii Financial discusses ways to ensure that CX can make an impact within your organization. In his presentation, he discusses: Top 3 most important strategic responses to counter...

CASE STUDY: Delivering Service in a Digitally Enhanced World

At CX Week Canada 2018, Nitin Badjatia, Senior Director, Product Strategy, Customer Service Management at ServiceNow, presented a case study on how to deliver service in a digitally enhanced world. In his presentation, he discusses:Challenges in a customer's journeyCustomer relationship management best practices     Measuring & delivering value for service excellenceand more.To...

PUBLIC SECTOR: Cultivating Client Satisfaction Amid Policies and Legislation

At CX Week Canada 2018, Ashutosh Anil, Business Leader, Client Experience at Technical Safety BC discusses how the public sector cultivates client satisfaction while working with policies and legislation. In his presentation, he discusses:The accident prevention modelThe foundation of building a CX modelBuilding a collaboration frameworkEnhancing organization-wide CX centricityand more.To...