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Industry Perspectives - Veriday

Veriday is a technology company that allows it's clients to embrace digital transformation and enhance digital experiences.  They are always there to help organizations identify and set the direction toward their most important goals in ever-changing industries. Not only do their clients not hide from change, they become trailblazers into the future. Whether it's their  full professional services capabilities, their work as a premier platinum Liferay partner or their out-of-the-box digital marketing solutions, the mission is simple; to create digital engagement with a human touch.    

CX Week Canada recently interviewed Veriday on the top challenges and future advancements for the industry.

1. CX Week Canada focuses on the people, processes and technologies that support the delivery of excellence customer experience. In the context of your work, how does your solution support the customer experience?

Veriday offers a full suite professional services capabilities to is tailored to each client, enabling them to become leaders in customer experience; from strategic planning and UI/UX consulting to system integration and portal development. As a premier platinum Liferay partner, we've been creating unique Business Solutions that enhance user experiences in every industry for over 15 years. 

In addition to our consulting, design, and development expertise, our out-of-the-box solutions create an end-to-end marketing platform to build a network of end-user websites combining market-leading content distribution with personalized engagement to create great customer engagement while effectively managing compliance and branding challenges.

2. Even as a solution provider, your own internal CX practices are constantly transforming. What recent CX milestone in your organization would you say was transformational for your clients?

Technology is always advancing; clients know this and expect that you implement the latest and greatest solutions for them. It would be flawed to believe technology is the only way to improve CX. Veriday has implemented two initiatives that have been transformational for all our clients; both focused on transparency and collaboration. The first is having regular interval (weekly, monthly, quarterly) checkpoints. The second initiative is to provide a transparent view into joint work activities. Using things like dashboards give the opportunity to hide the truth, but when workspaces are shared nothing is forgotten and everyone is accountable to the project’s success. 

3. What is the top challenge when it comes to customer contact and customer experience?

There is a disconnect between the consistency of experience between digital and human interactions. As humans, we can read between the lines. As we communicate, the words we say only carry 10% of the meaning. The remaining 90% of meaning comes from the tone and our body language. When these experiences are moved to digital platform, the ability to read context is lost. Digital experiences have a hard time making context adjustments on the fly. When you are able to solve for the context in the digital experience, this is when you’ll delight. 

4. Technology advancements are spurring transformation across all aspects of customer contact.  What do you believe will be the catalyst for next generation CX? 

Access and Knowledge have driving factors for the current generation of CX. Customers, and users in general, have a greater access to technology than ever before as well as access to information, and this is not slowing down. Furthermore, customers have a much greater knowledge about the platforms they use and the experiences they know from other platforms. As a result of this access and knowledge is an increase in noise. The positive effect of all the noise lead to delivering personalized experiences. The catalyst for change in Customer Experience will be Generation Alpha. Those born after 2010 will have never known a world without technology and without tailored experiences. Therefore, delivering the same experiences we have today will be outdated to them and will want something new. 

5. What is the relationship between the employee experience and customer experience?

It does not matter what side you are building for, employees or customers. Both share the need for personal relevance of content and applications. The more relevant you can make it, the better experience the customer or employee will have. Don’t build an experience for ALL customers or ALL employees because that doesn’t mean a lot. Make it “Emma’s” experience or “Will’s” experience. Not only that, but the individual's experience needs to evolve over time because what might have been relevant yesterday may not be relevant tomorrow. 

6. What is your company’s philosophy on the customer experience? 

At Veriday, every employee is inspired to innovate and transform digital experiences to enable client and employee engagement through our products and services. Our goal of being a leader in transforming digital experience is what drives client and employee success. To put it simply, we place our client’s experience at the center of everything we do...

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