Innovation, Customer-Centricity &  Sustainable Growth Through Design Thinking

01 - 02 April, 2020 | Sydney, Australia

Welcome to Design Thinking 2020 - View the Official Brochure

Welcome to Design Thinking 2020 - View the Official Brochure

The final agenda for Design Thinking 2020 is here! Grab a copy to see what's new for 2020 and join the #1 design thinking event for UX/CX/Design professionals.

Held between the 31 Mar – 2 April 2020, we're excited to share the great work organisations across Australia & New Zealand have been doing to elevate the design thinking mindset across a range of different products and industries

Featuring Key Case Studies . . .

  • Going Back to the Drawing Board Again and Again: Creating a Magical Experience at Walt Disney by Applying the Right Patterns to Solve Difficult Problems
  • Scaling the process: Measuring user-centred design capability through effective project delivery and leadership
  • Focusing on Moments that Matter: How Z Energy launched two world-firsts, Fastlane and Sharetank, To Create Real Experiences for Everyone
  • Mapping out your Citizens’ Life Journey: Defining Every Touchpoint to Determine the Ultimate Solution in Delivery Design
  • Balancing the User Needs with the Business: Creating a Strategic Roadmap to Encourage Cross Collaboration at Domain

Hope to see you in 2020!

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