28 - 30 October, 2019 | Royce Hotel Melbourne, VIC

Conference Day One: Tuesday, 29 October 2019


9:00 am - 9:10 am Conference Opening

Carl Gribble - Member Experience Design Manager, RACQ

Carl Gribble

Member Experience Design Manager

9:10 am - 9:50 am Spotlight Session: Hasso-Plattner-Institute: Introduction to Design Thinking 4.0 – Inspiring News Ways of Thought, Work and Habit through Design Thinking

(Germany) Uli Weinberg - Director School of Design Thinking, University of Potsdam (Hasso-Plattner-Institute)
“We are trying to bring the Steve Jobs quality into daily business” – Uli Weinberg

We are all aware of the 4th Industrial Revolution that is Digital Transformation. But for organisations to maintain their competitive advantage and achieve sustainable growth, they require a shift in mindset to redesign old models of thought to recognise innovation as a team sport. Join Uli, Head of the School of Design Thinking at the Hasso Plattner Institute and Founding President of the Global Design Thinking Alliance GDTA to envision and impassion new ways of thought in the revolutionary wave of innovation and customer centricity.
Moreover, Uli shares his experiences in inspiring students and practitioners alike to solve problems in ways that is holistic, user-centred and innovative.

Key Themes
  • How to ensure your digital innovation strategy achieves sustainable growth through embedding a cultural and social dimension
  • Re-designing traditional organisational structures, hierarchical models and ways of work to stay relevant and incentivise the changing workforce
  • Innovating the use of space to inspire collaborative and creative problem-solving

Confirmed Speaker:

(Germany) Uli Weinberg

Director School of Design Thinking
University of Potsdam (Hasso-Plattner-Institute)

With digital technologies automating many types of work, design thinking offers a way to engage your employees and help them use new technologies to not just survive but thrive in the rapidly evolving employment landscape. This panel explores the importance of designing new ways of working with employees to lay the foundations for successful digital transformation.

Key Themes:
  • Gain cultural buy-in for digital transformation by co-designing new ways of working and related tools, insights and capabilities
  • Roadmapping experiences and developing employee-centred use cases to identify automation opportunities
  • How to rapidly ideate and prototype to avoid costly mistakes
  • Using design thinking to frame complex problems and make critical decisions


Glyn Thomas

Head of Experience (Digital Transformation)
Greater Bank


Sheridan Ware

Chief Information and Technology Officer
Charter Hall


Monica Minehan

Customer Experience Lead

10:30 am - 11:00 am SPEED NETWORKING

11:00 am - 11:30 am MORNING TEA

The conference will break into two tracks to give you the opportunity to focus your engagement to key priority areas of your choice. Take advantage of the flexibility to switch between streams and listen to organisations who are at similar stages of their design journey!


11:30 am - 12:00 pm Department of Transport (VIC) Case Study: Using Human Centred Research Methodologies to Enhance Customer Empathy and Insights
Carolina Gaitan - Manager User Focussed Design, Department of Transport (VIC)
In today’s user centric environment, designing and developing services and products require numerous considerations that exceed simple utility to encompass convenience and user experience. In this session, Carolina shares how Department of Transport is implementing human-centred design, creative prototyping and market research, to understand and empathise with the community and ultimately improve product outcomes.

Key Themes:
  • Progressing elementary research methodologies into cross-representational community consultation approaches to generate deeper customer insights
  • How Department of Transport (VIC) used HCD methods to improve service outcomes and greater transport connectivity
  • Using design-led, quantitative research methods to drive continuous improvement in service functionality

Carolina Gaitan

Manager User Focussed Design
Department of Transport (VIC)


12:00 pm - 12:30 pm Achieving Product Differentiation through Customer Experience and Agile Methodologies
In the hyper-personalised and customer centric environment, innovating products that resonate with each individual’s need and expectation is a balancing act of science and art. And most importantly design! This session focuses on differentiating its product offering through rigorous user testing and research to ensure simplicity of choice does not compromise experience.

Key Themes:
  • Achieving the right blend of aesthetics, functionality and price points that resonate with 90% of customers
  • Evaluating customer expectations and demands across various market segments
  • Balancing narrow and deep research insights with wider market testing methodologies to achieve scalable product outcomes


11:30 am - 12:00 pm Nbn Australia Case Study: Driving Service Maturity in the Age of Digital Transformation
Mike Dyson - Senior Manager of Solution Design, nbn Australia
It’s a common challenge to identify opportunities for sustainable growth that will both empower leaner ways of work and embed a service mentality. This requires understanding real drivers, and more critically, correcting assumptions through agile delivery. In this session, Mike shares how nbn’s combination of design and business architecture is supporting their capabilities and service enablement. Moreover, he shares his insights on enhancing the customer experience through increasing the accuracy of problem framing.

Key Themes:
  • Aligning design and business architecture to accurately define drivers and insights on the organisation’s current service capabilities
  • How nbn is delivering value-added services through automating repetitive tasks and reducing process times and improve employee satisfaction
  • Using customer insights to define the right problem and how this is powering nbn’s delivery of self-service platform

Mike Dyson

Senior Manager of Solution Design
nbn Australia


12:00 pm - 12:30 pm How to Improve Workforce Productivity and Confidence through Design Thinking
Mary-Claire Monsalve - Digital Design Manager, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Previously, organisations approached design as a centralised function which inevitably led to reduced collaboration and siloed departments. In this session, Mary-Claire shares her personal journey in de-centralising design to improve cross-department collaboration. She also explains how ABC observed significant improvement in workforce productivity and product outcomes through this transformation.

Key Themes:
  • Establish robust methods and rituals to embed a cohesive design-led culture to keep human-centred design at the forefront of ABC’s products
  • How to use design-led principles to empathise with your workforce to improve team motivation and accountability

Mary-Claire Monsalve

Digital Design Manager
Australian Broadcasting Corporation

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm LUNCH


1:30 pm - 2:10 pm Solutions Clinic: How to Uplift Customer Loyalty through Design-Led Principles In the Age of Digital Disruption
Lara Atechian - Head of UX, Booktopia Group
Organisations are increasingly seeking more data-driven, customer-centric approaches to meet expectations for convenient and delightful user interface (UI) and product channel offerings. However enhancing UI entails embedding the right tools and processes to generate deeper insights on customer behaviour. In this session, Lara shares key insights from leading Booktopia’s eCommerce strategy, which significantly improved customer loyalty and conversion rates to ultimately drive revenue.

Key Themes:
  • How Booktopia put customers at the centre of their service development, from ideation to development, to improve engagement and conversion rates of their customers
  • Using journey mapping tools, such as heat and click mapping, to the put customers at the centre of your product channel strategy
  • How to generate accurate customer insights to track and continually improve on UI initiatives

Lara Atechian

Head of UX
Booktopia Group


2:10 pm - 2:50 pm Vodafone Case Study: Embedding Customer-First Problem Framing Capabilities within the Organisation
Monica Minehan - Customer Experience Lead, Vodafone
Previously, service delivery was product driven and frequently failed to resonate with customers and end-users. Now, organisations need to uplift Human Centred Design capabilities to deliver solutions that accurately service customer needs. In this session, Monica shares how Vodafone is adopting a customer-led approach to product and service delivery.

Key Themes
  • Problem framing methodologies to define the business problem and translate this into a customer journey
  • Enabling cultural transformation through equipping the workforce with HCD training and tools to progress from intentions to enablement
  • Re-envision ways of delivery based on stages of the customer experience and journey

Monica Minehan

Customer Experience Lead


1:30 pm - 2:10 pm Solutions Clinic: Integrating A Cross-Divisional Design-Led Mindset to Drive End-To-End Digital Engagement
Kate Raulings - Head Of Digital Engagement & Innovation, City of Port Phillip
Often design is solely left to designers and front-loaded to the initial activities within a service production cycle. But in order to deliver an end-to-end solution, design thinking should not be an isolated activity. In this solutions clinic, Kate discusses key methods to embed a collaborative approach to resolving end-user pain points. Additionally, Kate emphasizes the role of design thinking to drive higher adoption and success of IT solutions and achieving long term productivity outcomes.

Key Themes:
  • Using problem framing and empathy tools to understand and prioritise critical enduser pain points
  • Encouraging employee mindsets and behaviour that drive outcomes-driven collaboration rather than process-driven, siloed teams
  • Creating end-to-end digital enablement to uplift employee adoption and digital enablement
  • Drive successful change management outcomes by aligning digital engagement and innovation to long term strategic goals

Kate Raulings

Head Of Digital Engagement & Innovation
City of Port Phillip


2:10 pm - 2:50 pm ATO Case Study: How Design Thinking is Being Used within Digital Transformation to Create a Seamless Customer Experience
Lyle Crombie - Director of Digital Experience, Enterprise Culture, Change & Transformation, Australian Taxation Office
We are in the modern era of digital transformation and heightened customer expectations for seamless and convenient experiences. In this session, Lyle shares how ATO is ensuring the efficacy of their digital transformation, through gaining a deeper understanding of the customer’s journey and identifying service innovation where it creates highest value.

Key Themes:
  • Roadmapping customer experiences to identify avenues for effective self service and automation
  • Using data-driven customer insights to identify opportunities and challenges to customer experience and convenience
  • Using design to humanise automated interactions to increase customer experience

Lyle Crombie

Director of Digital Experience, Enterprise Culture, Change & Transformation
Australian Taxation Office

2:50 pm - 3:20 pm AFTERNOON TEA

Roundtable Group Discussion
In this session you will have the opportunity to deep dive into THREE of the following topics. Each 30 minute session will be led by a subject matter expert- who will facilitate an opportunity to compare and contrast your experiences and thoughts with a small group of your peers.

Group 9


3:20 pm - 4:50 pm Co-Design a Collaborative and Innovative Culture That’s Ready for Digital Transformation
Glyn Thomas - Head of Experience (Digital Transformation), Greater Bank
HCD methodologies are seeing massive influence on organisational structure and culture. Join this discussion to explore how design thinking can be used to re-envision traditional ways of work and the positive impact it has on empowering innovation and collaboration

Glyn Thomas

Head of Experience (Digital Transformation)
Greater Bank


3:20 pm - 4:50 pm How Design Thinking is Improving Service Design to Uplift Community Cohesion
Catherine McDonald - Service Designer (Customer & Digital), City of Casey
In this session Catherine shares her insights in gaining customer empathy to improve community engagement in the City of Casey. Hear lessons learnt from City of Casey’s initiatives of embedding 66 new human centred services to uplift social impact such as safety and quality of life.

Catherine McDonald

Service Designer (Customer & Digital)
City of Casey


3:20 pm - 4:50 pm Design Thinking to Drive Transformation Agendas In Large Organisations
Fasahat Feroze - Strategic Service Design Lead, Qantas
This discussion will explore Design Thinking within your team to and understand your employees journey and maintain staff productivity.

Content TBC

Fasahat Feroze

Strategic Service Design Lead


3:20 pm - 4:50 pm Ensuring Service Design is in Pace with Agile Innovation
Gaetan Germain - Associate Director of Service Design, Optus
As organisations progress customer experience capabilities, they look to agile delivery practices. In this discussion, Gaetan shares key insights on bridging the gap between existing customer insight capabilities and need for speed to market.

Gaetan Germain

Associate Director of Service Design


3:20 pm - 4:50 pm Story-telling to Enhance User Experience and Product Design
Jon Whitby - Head of UX & Performance, World Nomads
The art of storytelling not only helps to understand the user’s pain points, but also to prioritise investment opportunities that go beyond revenue growth. In this discussion, Jon explores how World Nomad developed their capabilities of identifying the right opportunities to create value-added activities and support the user experience

Key Themes:
  • Understanding user pain points to innovate a truly impactful product or service
  • How to filter and prioritise investment opportunities through establishing strong diverse collaboration
  • How to develop and bring to life excellent proof of concepts to successfully drive tangible benefits and ROI

Jon Whitby

Head of UX & Performance
World Nomads


3:20 pm - 4:50 pm Using Design Tools To Improve Process Efficiency and Agile Innovation
Naved Khan - Head Seller Experience & Operations, eBay
As Design Thinking methodologies gain momentum, so do opportunities to create synergistic impact with other approaches such as 6-sigma and agile innovation. Naved, eBay’s 6-sigma Black belt, leads this discussion to identify complimentary tools and approaches to save resources and direct them to profitable, customer centric initiatives

Key Themes:
  • Similarities and differences of design thinking and agile, and lean methodologies
  • Map interdependencies to leverage complementary capabilities
  • Driving process improvement to achieve scalable outcomes and operational excellence

Naved Khan

Head Seller Experience & Operations

4:50 pm - 5:30 pm Uber Case Study: Bridging the Gap Between Engineers and Designers through Frameworks and Mentorship that Create Shared Understanding

Cady Wachsman - Design Manager, Uber
Uber is an indisputable leader in User-Centred design and innovation. As a pioneer of the P2P industry, Uber understands the interconnectivity of the digital and physical landscape, and the fascinating complexities of managing multiple product platforms while maintaining a cohesive experience. In this session, Cady discusses the importance of team interaction and how Uber’s Design System is successfully leveraging repeatable and scalable design capabilities across multiple product streams. Specifically, Cady shares her experience as a Senior Design Leader and Design Manager, and the impact of Mentorship programs that enhance collaboration and value-creation between designers and engineers.

Key Themes:
  • How Uber’s robust Design System is built for speed, accessibility, and scalability to transfer design capabilities, collect and build on insights and experiment faster
  • The human platform: leading cross-functional teams to greater collaborative outcomes through mentorship programs that nurture a shared understanding
  • Training designers with native showcase apps to foster greater confidence and control in design outcomes

Cady Wachsman

Design Manager

5:30 pm - 5:40 pm Conference Closing – Remarks from Conference Chairperson

5:40 pm - 5:40 pm NETWORKING DRINKS