Main Conference Day One: Tuesday, 15 September 2020

8:30 am - 9:00 am Coffee & Registration


Selena Griffith

Senior Lecturer Design Thinking, Centre for Social Impact
University of New South Wales

9:10 am - 9:50 am Headline Keynote: Going Back to the Drawing Board Again and Again: Creating a Magical Experience at Walt Disney by Applying the Right Patterns to Solve Difficult Problems

At Disney, creating a guest experience is both a way of thinking as well as a process. Working on their Disney+ video on-demand service, Kevin Schumacher will deliver an in-depth case study delving into the work he and his team of 20 are undergoing to improve Disney’s digital service through a design-thinking lens. Merging business strategy with creativity, learn how Disney are invested in strategic thinking initiatives that will improve design projects and the overall guest experience. 

  • Managing AI, research and qualitative analytics to work across all platforms and domains to improve processes
  • Analysing relevant data sources to determine trust patterns through general and abstract intelligence 
  • Understanding your ROI to decide when best to invest in a project, and when you need to move to new problem areas

9:50 am - 10:30 am Focusing on Moments that Matter: How Z Energy launched two world-firsts, Fastlane and Sharetank, To Create Real Experiences for Everyone

Scott Bishop - Chief Innovation Officer, Z Energy NZ
In what has been labeled a world first, Z Energy are piloting Sharetank, which is taking customer feedback to evolve and improve the launch of their app. Delivering innovation masterclasses which has seen over 450 customer interviews and 78 CX improvements identified, Z Energy have used Design Thinking to listen to their customers and become more environmentally sustainable. 

Chief Innovation Officer Scott Bishop will deliver a case study on the work they’ve done to transform fuel operations for New Zealanders.

  • Taking customer feedback to improve existing projects for organisation transformation
  • Create excitement for User Centricity and Human-Centered Design within your organisation to drive strategic initiatives
  • Preparing the organization for a transformation catalyst through research and insights to deliver innovation


Scott Bishop

Chief Innovation Officer
Z Energy NZ

10:30 am - 11:00 am Speed Networkin

11:00 am - 11:30 am Morning Tea

Scriber: Ben Crothers, Principal Design Strategist. Atlassian

Design Thinking for … Project Based Delivery 

Chair: Selena Griffith, Senior Lecturer Design Thinking, Centre for Social Impact, UNSW

11:30 am - 12:10 pm Mapping out your Citizens’ Life Journey: Defining Every Touchpoint to Determine the Ultimate Solution in Delivery Design
Marina Chiovetti - Director, Service Design & Digital Delivery, NSW Department of Customer Service
Quantifying insights and the right research is only one-step in the design process. Beyond that comes the need to determine why users feel a certain way. At the NSW Department of Customer Service, they are undergoing a project that will map out the end-to-end citizen journey to effectively problem solve.

Through cross-collaboration with government departments and the amalgamation of the right data, Marina Chiovetti will discuss the ways they are able to build solutions for citizens based on insight and data collection. 

  • Mapping out customer touchpoints to determine solutions and problem solve across multiple departments
  • Improving stakeholder engagement through cross-collaboration to improve service delivery
  • Understanding every customer touchpoint and journey to deliver an improved transformation strategy

Marina Chiovetti

Director, Service Design & Digital Delivery
NSW Department of Customer Service

12:10 pm - 12:50 pm Balancing the User Needs with the Business: Creating a Strategic Roadmap to Encourage Cross Collaboration at Domain
Since their restructure in 2019, Domain and Nine Network have focused on developing projects driven through a human-centric approach. 

With 40 design teams across Domain alone, David Meier, Director of Product Design, will deliver a case study on the work Domain do to create new projects centred towards their audiences. This case study will look at the work they do in cross-collaboration and in working with teams to bring projects to life.

  • Breaking down internal communication siloes to create efficiencies
  • Learning how to innovate in a rigid, legacy environment to gain internal flexibility 
  • Overcoming development issues and roadblocks in the design process
  • Bridging silos between teams, customers and CX for advanced project delivery

12:50 pm - 1:30 pm XYX Lab: Using Bespoke Tools and Experiences to Address Gender Equality in Cities
Gene Bawden - Head of Design Department, Monash University
XYX Lab encompasses a team of experienced designers and researchers who explore gender-sensitive design practices and how to improve the urban environment through policy and community engagement.
Gene Bawden, Head of Design at Monash Art Design and Architecture will deliver a case study on how the XYX Lab team use design thinking to influence the creation of safer urban environments for women, girls and the LGTBI community

  • Deploying solutions through non-linear processes to identify real life challenges 
  • Removing yourself and teams from individual biases to encourage the right mindset for innovation
  • Merging design thinking with policy by working effectively with internal and external stakeholders


Gene Bawden

Head of Design Department
Monash University

1:30 pm - 1:45 pm 15 MINUTES: SCRIBE TAKEAWAYS
Attendees will spend 15 minutes discussing and writing down their ideas and major takeaways of the above session
Design Thinking for … Organisational Delivery

Chair: Carl Gribble, Manager, Member Experience Design, RACQ

11:30 am - 12:10 pm Merging UX, CX and SD in Design Thinking: Redefining The Operating Structure to Drive Innovation Throughout the Wider Organisation
Anet Redmer - Former Qantas Service Design Lead, Redmera
A cross-function team only works when they are working towards one goal. At Qantas, this way of working has shaped the design team for years and has allowed for more effective project delivery and organisational culture.  

This case study will relay how organisations can effectively cross-collaborate through identifying capability leaders, building a shared language and then creating a prioritization framework. Through this, product teams and designers are able to build effective roadmaps and grow design thinking capabilities for improved ROI.

  • Driving effective leadership within your teams to develop new and innovative ways of working
  • Upskilling teams to think like designers across all internal departments through ongoing workshop and training initiatives 
  • Effective collaboration with teams to share insights, align research and work cohesively


Anet Redmer

Former Qantas Service Design Lead

12:10 pm - 12:50 pm Creating a Clear, Strategic Design Thinking Movement at Lotterywest to Improve Service Delivery
Ioannis Gerothanasis - General Manager Lotteries, LotteryWest
This session will talk about how the Lotteries’ section of Lotterywest is currently integrating various aspects of design thinking across its senior management and delivery dimensions. 

Ioannis Gerothanasis, the General Manager of Lotteries, will present a case study on Lotteries’ journey in introducing and embedding a problem solving mindset and skillset for their human capital supported by key changes in organizational design, operating model and culture.

  • Bringing together multi-functional teams to improve service delivery
  • Understanding how designing thinking has improved the company’s operating structure 
  • Implementing clear communication strategies to existing stakeholders, bridging the communication gap


Ioannis Gerothanasis

General Manager Lotteries

12:50 pm - 1:30 pm Becoming a Design Thinker Takes Time: The Tricks to Receiving Leadership Buy-in for Higher ROI
Paras Aggarwal - Head of UX, Tabcorp Holdings
Since entering the organisation in 2018, Paras has slowly working to scale the design thinking movement by changing the internal culture of the design teams. 

Through speaking the business language and putting forth an effective business case, he will explain how designers can get their messaging across by working effectively with stakeholders and speaking in a language business leaders understand.

  • Developing a clear strategic vision for a new operating environment that will integrate design thinkers and experience designers in business delivery
  • Communicating to business leaders and relevant stakeholders in a language they will understand to receive buy-in
  • Taking small steps to prove the value of design thinking through ROI and insights


Paras Aggarwal

Head of UX
Tabcorp Holdings

1:30 pm - 1:45 pm 15 MINUTES: SCRIBE TAKEAWAYS
Attendees will spend 15 minutes discussing and writing down their ideas and major takeaways of the above session

1:45 pm - 2:50 pm Lunch Break

2:50 pm - 3:30 pm DESIGNER DEBATE: A Good Designer Will Work Themselves out of the Job: Moving Beyond the Design Thinking ‘Process’ and Embedding its Philosophy Across Your Organisation

Scott Bishop - Chief Innovation Officer, Z Energy NZ
Maureen Thurston - Chief Experience Officer, Aurecon
Belinda Dimovski - Director Engagement and Support, Australian Red Cross
Scaling and perfecting projects is a large part of the designer’s mindset. However, how do you know the best way to employ design thinking when your project is to embed design thinking across your organisation? This panel will weigh in on their personal journeys when it comes to implementing design thinking across their business, and the pros and cons that come with this change.

  • Implementing design thinking across the wider organisation to improve overall delivery
  • Upskilling the right team of people to implement change through a human-centred approach 
  • Determining when to employ design thinking and when we should follow the legacy, operating structure of big business

Scott Bishop

Chief Innovation Officer
Z Energy NZ


Maureen Thurston

Chief Experience Officer


Belinda Dimovski

Director Engagement and Support
Australian Red Cross

3:30 pm - 4:10 pm Building a Digital Tribe: Bringing Design Thinking to Every Government Department by Utilising Omni Channel Platforms to Grow CX Capabilities

Within the UK, the Government Digital Service are the underlying authority ensuring all government departments utilise design thinking and a human-centred approach. Running 1-day service design sessions for all employees, the department has trained over 540 public servants in 6 locations over the last 20 months, guiding them on design thinking principles.

Kate Ivey-Williams, Service Design Lead, has traveled from the UK to deliver a case study looking at how the department has embedded this way of working. Through the update of the Service Standard, they now encourage service teams to look at a user’s whole problem to provide service across multiple channels. 

  • Using design thinking beyond a human-centred approach and utilising it for robotics and AI 
  • Working with stakeholders and delivering more effective communication techniques for stronger project results
  • Understanding that design thinking is a mindset, and creating a culture where it comes naturally to all employees takes time

4:10 pm - 4:40 pm Afternoon Tea


Sometimes it can be exhausting working in the realm of Design Thinking! Many of the challenges that prevent experiences from coming to fruition consistently plague leaders across the industry. In these Design Thinking Leadership sessions, you will have the option of joining two of four groups for 30 minutes each to deliberate, discuss, brainstorm and commiserate over top challenges facing your organisation

Table One

Gabrielle Angles - Executive Manager Customer Service, Northern Beaches Council
  • Amalgamating the right information and data from your customers to understanding their behavior patterns
  • Building a business case to senior leaders through effective customer research and insights
  • Using VOC to create stories and personas of a range of customers for improved ROI

Gabrielle Angles

Executive Manager Customer Service
Northern Beaches Council

Table Two

Sarah Groube - Director of Digital Experience, Sport Australia
  • Improving your organisation’s cultural mindset to allow cross collaboration within teams
  • Flexing the boundaries of design thinking and internal learning mindsets to improve project delivery
  • Changing internal culture first to improve customer centricity long-term 

Sarah Groube

Director of Digital Experience
Sport Australia

Table Three

Ioannis Gerothanasis - General Manager Lotteries, LotteryWest
  • Understand what are the right statistics business leaders need for buy-in
  • Driving executive buy-in across the organisation through improving internal culture
  • Using existing data and insights to drive new and innovative projects 

Ioannis Gerothanasis

General Manager Lotteries