Main Conference Day One: Tuesday, 15 September 2020


Selena Griffith

Senior Lecturer Design Thinking, Centre for Social Impact
University of New South Wales

9:30 am - 10:00 am Strategic Design Thinking & Navigating Complexity: How To Go From Design To Implementation In A Fast-Paced Organisation

Robert Homberger - Strategic Design Director, ANZ

Designing a separate business lab to focus on innovation and customer satisfaction projects, ANZ are one of the key leaders in this space utilising design thinking to implement projects. However, working in a fast-paced environment with multiple projects, there are times when design thinking might not be the best methodology to apply.

Robert Homberger, Strategic Design Director at ANZ, will present on the true complexities of project design, and the way ANZ are applying it to specific homeownership projects to become the innovators of tomorrow. 

  • Understanding the key strategies and tools for incorporating design thinking into the creative process
  • Proactive triangulation of qualitative and quantitative research methods for a more diverse understanding of user needs
  • Determining trust patterns: How do we build trust with users through general and abstract intelligence



Robert Homberger

Strategic Design Director

10:00 am - 10:30 am A Good Designer Will Work Themselves Out Of The Job: Moving Beyond The Design Thinking ‘Process’ And Embedding Its Philosophy Across Your Organisation

Ben Crothers - Principal Facilitator, Atlassian
Belinda Dimovski - Director Engagement and Support, Australian Red Cross
Quinn Chow - Experience Director, Aurecon

Scaling and perfecting projects is a large part of the designer’s mindset. However, how do you know the best way to employ design thinking when your project is to embed design thinking across your organisation? This panel will weigh in on their personal journeys when it comes to implementing design thinking across their business, and the pros and cons that come with this change.

  • Implementing design thinking across the wider organisation to improve overall delivery
  • Upskilling the right team of people to implement change through a human-centred approach 
  • Determining when to employ design thinking and when we should follow the legacy, operating structure of big business

Ben Crothers

Principal Facilitator


Belinda Dimovski

Director Engagement and Support
Australian Red Cross


Quinn Chow

Experience Director

11:00 am - 11:30 am XYX Lab: Using Bespoke Tools And Experiences To Address Gender Equality In Cities

Gene Bawden - Head of Design Department, Monash University

XYX Lab encompasses a team of experienced designers and researchers who explore gender-sensitive design practices and how to improve the urban environment through policy and community engagement.


Gene Bawden, Head of Design at Monash Art Design and Architecture will deliver a case study on how the XYX Lab team use design thinking to influence the creation of safer urban environments for women, girls and the LGTBI community

  • Deploying solutions through non-linear processes to identify real life challenges 
  • Removing yourself and teams from individual biases to encourage the right mindset for innovation
  • Merging design thinking with policy by working effectively with internal and external stakeholders



Gene Bawden

Head of Design Department
Monash University

11:30 am - 12:00 pm SCREEN BREAK / MORNING TEA

Virtual Interactive Discussion Group: Login To Zoom To Take Part In Discussion

Table 1

12:00 pm - 2:15 pm Empathise Now: How To Create Personas From Existing Data
Selena Griffith - Senior Lecturer Design Thinking, Centre for Social Impact, University of New South Wales
  • Amalgamating the right information and data from your customers to understanding their behavior patterns
  • Building a business case to senior leaders through effective customer research and insights
  • Using VOC to create stories and personas of a range of customers for improved ROI

Selena Griffith

Senior Lecturer Design Thinking, Centre for Social Impact
University of New South Wales

Table 2

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm Upskilling Teams Through Training Initiatives For Long-Term Success
Sarah Groube - Director of Digital Experience, Sport Australia
  • Improving your organisation’s cultural mindset to allow cross collaboration within teams
  • Flexing the boundaries of design thinking and internal learning mindsets to improve project delivery
  • Changing internal culture first to improve customer centricity long-term 

Sarah Groube

Director of Digital Experience
Sport Australia

11:40 – 12:40 (ROTATION1) | 15 min break | 12:55 – 13:55 (ROTATION2)

2:00 pm - 2:00 pm End Of Conference Day One