25 - 27 June, 2019
Mercure Sydney Central, Sydney, NSW

Post-Conference Workshops : Thursday, 27 June 2019

Workshop A

8:00 am - 10:00 am Design for Scale: Strategies to Unite Cross-Functional Teams and Drive Product and Service Innovation

(USA) Pamela Bailey - Head of Design and User Experience, Facebook
Pamela brings over 15+ years in leading design and insight-driven innovation at companies like Intuit, CapitalOne and now leading the leading the Design & User Experience team at Facebook, she will share insights on uniting siloed teams to drive product and service innovation.

Learn how to maintain the growth of Design Thinking in your organisation once you have refined the model to fit your organisational structure. Through uniting cross-functional teams to collaborate, the potential of this model can drive transformation across your organisation and truly embed Design Thinking to the team culture and drive product and service innovation.

Workshop outcomes:

  • Empower everyone in your organisation to be a Design Thinker, bringing innovative experiences to deliver better business outcomes
  • Fostering on-going growth for the business using Design Thinking principles
  • Improving engagement levels between teams to shape a problem collaboratively and future proof business ideas

Confirmed facilitator:

(USA) Pamela Bailey

Head of Design and User Experience

Workshop B

10:30 am - 12:30 pm Empathy Led Innovation to Improve Customer Experience

(USA) Margaret Price - Principal Design Strategist, Microsoft
How does diversity act as a source of innovation and disruption? How can cross discipline teams understand and act on empathy to create transformational change? In this workshop, we’ll explore design thinking and inclusive design methods, service design, and, practical applications at Microsoft. Learn how Margaret uses empathy to improve customer experience and value to result in business impact and employee flourishment. Over 10,000 people at MSFT have attended her workshop. This has been taught to university students around the world, most recently at RISD, Brown, NYU, MIT.

Participants will walk away:

  • With a practical understanding of theory and application to day-to-day work for multiple roles and levels
  • Inspiration and tools to act
  • Ideas on how to embed empathy in business decisions, product development processes, reward and recognition of employees, and cultural change

Confirmed facilitator:

(USA) Margaret Price

Principal Design Strategist

Workshop C

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm Design Thinking for Government: Making a Case for Organisational Change and Leading with the Right Team to Adopt a Design-Led Culture

Government bodies typically experience greater pressure to deliver services to communities while operating with constraining budgets and tied-down processes. With technology advancing and more access to tools that empower the Government to build a more customer-focused culture, it is important that there is a robust change management plan in place to minimise cultural resistance. This workshop will be facilitated by Harry, who led ATO’s 2018 initiatives that resulted in transformational change within the organisation.

Workshop outcomes:

  • Scenario building, modelling and navigating the government environment to develop best case strategies to adopting change
  • Developing frameworks to ensure all change is co-created within the organisation where coaching and capability-building are available to employees
  • Defining your “why” to start the change movement and forming a transformational team built on trust to lead the change

Invited Facilitator:

Workshop D

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Develop Capabilities and Tools to Run Effective Design Sprint Workshops for Your Organisation

Jacqui Le Vieux - Experience Design Lead, NAB
Whether you are preparing your organisation to adopt design practices or nurturing design capabilities across your teams, design thinking must be taught and executed correctly in order to maximise initial support and retain employee engagement.

In this workshop, we combine aspects from Design Thinking (sense-making, problem-defining and user empathy) with Design Sprints (speed, focus and structured process) to eliminate the flaws that naturally fall under each method.

Workshop outcomes:

  • Understand the working methods of Design Thinking and Design Sprint and determine the best fit for your organisation
  • Uncover new perspectives to solve your challenges and embed new working methods across your workplace
  • Introductory workshop into the “Understand, Sketch an Decide, Prototype, Test” stages of Design Sprint 3.0

Confirmed facilitator:

Jacqui Le Vieux

Experience Design Lead