28 - 30 October, 2019 | Royce Hotel Melbourne, VIC

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Design Thinking Melbourne Event Guide

Design Thinking is coming to Melbourne this October! You'll discover how to embed design thinking to improve product and service innovation, and enhance customer centricity with Airbnb (USA), Uber(USA), US ...

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Demystifying Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an innovative approach that combines service or product design with human behavior. At its core, dedicated practitioners describe design thinking as an ongoing mindset of empathy and human observation.Design thinking has evolved from a niche specialism, appealing primari ...

According to the Experts: your Guide to Understanding the Benefits and Opportunities of Strategically Integrated Design Thinking

Although Design Thinking can trace its roots back to the 1960s, in recent years the strategy has really come to the forefront. Today, Design Thinking is gaining broad recognition as an essential strategy in traditional design disciplines as well as a varie ...

Design Thinking Playbook

We've partnered with The Design Thinking Playbook to bring you the best content from around the globe. We're delighted to host a selection of 34 pages from the playbook, authored by Michael Lewrick, Patrick Link, and Larry L ...

Design Thinking Presentation Packet

The Design Thinking Team have exclusively released a selection of presentations from the recent Sydney event! Make sure you get your copy to hear the insights from:Pamela Bailey, Head of Design & User Experience, FacebookNatalie Levy, Product Desi ...

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Who attends Design Thinking? Download a snapshot of our past attendee list, to view the job titles and companies of those you can expect to meet!

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Convince Your Boss Letter

Need to add an extra layer of justification to gain approval to attend? We've got you sorted with this customisable 'Convince Your Boss' letter. Simply send this to your approving manager and you'll be sure to join us in Melbourne this October!

Exclusive Content

Understanding Design Thinking Processes: Leveraging Iteration to Enhance Customer Experience

Adopting design thinking practices is becoming the norm in organisations that wish to enhance their service offerings. The true value of its employment is becoming realised, bringing to light the brilliant concept of iterative design. Ahead of Design Thinking 2019, we take a closer look at the elements of iteration,...

Maximising the Power Of Design Thinking: insights from our International Keynote Panel

Whether a beginner or mature design, how do you make the most out of your Design Thinking potential? We’ve passed it over to the experts, gathering the insights of our expert International Keynote Panel, ahead of Design Thinking 2019. Enjoy the expertise of: Pamela Bailey, Head of Design and User...

Your Design Thinking 101

Design thinking is a mindset for solving complex problems. Originally stemming from the design process, design thinking challenges leaders, individuals, and organisations to think like a designer. That is, placing your client at the heart of the process and harnessing prototyping and testing for successful results. Check out this guide...

Your Design Thinking 201

After gaining the baseline understanding for design thinking and growing proficiency, many organisations face barriers moving beyond a singular touch-point to organisation wide buy-in. Design Thinking 201 addresses various challenges and solutions to elevate design thinking to an organisation-wide design transformation. 

Your Design Thinking 301

Some immediate benefits of design thinking are often difficult to quantify including employee engagement, customer-centricity, and cross-functional collaboration. However, successful organisations understand the impact of design thinking as driving revenue, cost savings, and economic impact.  Design Thinking 301 goes over internal measurements of design thinking and research on the macro impact...