Clara Greo (Teoh)

Service designer and design training lead Government Digital Service (UK)

Interactive Workshops: Thursday, 31 March 2020

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020


This workshop will look at the importance of measuring user centred design through effective cross collaboration and project delivery. Kate Ivey-Williams, Service Design Lead within the UK’s Government Digital Service, has been working with the department for 4 years to implement new ways of working and train teams in design capabilities.

Bringing government departments together to implement effective change, she will train attendees on how to scale your department’s maturity in design thinking principles. Through cross-collaboration, businesses are able to see creativity and practical solutions flow within their departments. 

However, being able to employ design thinking needs an ongoing dialogue of human centricity and design. Kate will teach you the importance of designing safe spaces for team members, cross-collaboration initiatives and ways to drive clear mentorship pathways for success. 

It is here all attendees in UX, service design and product, will learn the importance of leading design teams to work in collaborative environments, and ways to improve project delivery

  • Shifting organisational thinking away from product and into holistic organisation delivery
  • Drive team engagement through workshop sessions and effective collaboration 
  • Improving your leadership capabilities to ensure teams are able to solve problems 

Main Conference Day One: Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

3:30 PM Building a Digital Tribe: Bringing Design Thinking to Every Government Department by Utilising Omni Channel Platforms to Grow CX Capabilities

Within the UK, the Government Digital Service are the underlying authority ensuring all government departments utilise design thinking and a human-centred approach. Running 1-day service design sessions for all employees, the department has trained over 540 public servants in 6 locations over the last 20 months, guiding them on design thinking principles.

Kate Ivey-Williams, Service Design Lead, has traveled from the UK to deliver a case study looking at how the department has embedded this way of working. Through the update of the Service Standard, they now encourage service teams to look at a user’s whole problem to provide service across multiple channels. 

  • Using design thinking beyond a human-centred approach and utilising it for robotics and AI 
  • Working with stakeholders and delivering more effective communication techniques for stronger project results
  • Understanding that design thinking is a mindset, and creating a culture where it comes naturally to all employees takes time

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Clara.

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