Scott Bishop

Chief Innovation Officer Z Energy NZ

Main Conference Day One: Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

9:50 AM Focusing on Moments that Matter: How Z Energy launched two world-firsts, Fastlane and Sharetank, To Create Real Experiences for Everyone

In what has been labeled a world first, Z Energy are piloting Sharetank, which is taking customer feedback to evolve and improve the launch of their app. Delivering innovation masterclasses which has seen over 450 customer interviews and 78 CX improvements identified, Z Energy have used Design Thinking to listen to their customers and become more environmentally sustainable. 

Chief Innovation Officer Scott Bishop will deliver a case study on the work they’ve done to transform fuel operations for New Zealanders.

  • Taking customer feedback to improve existing projects for organisation transformation
  • Create excitement for User Centricity and Human-Centered Design within your organisation to drive strategic initiatives
  • Preparing the organization for a transformation catalyst through research and insights to deliver innovation

2:50 PM DESIGNER DEBATE: A Good Designer Will Work Themselves out of the Job: Moving Beyond the Design Thinking ‘Process’ and Embedding its Philosophy Across Your Organisation

Scaling and perfecting projects is a large part of the designer’s mindset. However, how do you know the best way to employ design thinking when your project is to embed design thinking across your organisation? This panel will weigh in on their personal journeys when it comes to implementing design thinking across their business, and the pros and cons that come with this change.

  • Implementing design thinking across the wider organisation to improve overall delivery
  • Upskilling the right team of people to implement change through a human-centred approach 
  • Determining when to employ design thinking and when we should follow the legacy, operating structure of big business

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Scott.

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