28 - 30 October, 2019 | Melbourne, VIC

(Singapore) Tobias Puehse

Vice President Innovation Mastercard Labs Asia Pacific

Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

11:40 AM Mastercard Case Study: Scaling Product Innovation By Aligning Design Thinking Initiatives and Commercial Enablement

With finite resources and infinite opportunities, it is critical for businesses to be responsive to the immediate opportunities that lead to scalable commercial outcomes. In this track, Tobias shares how Mastercard’s design thinking initiatives are meeting dual objectives that drive an innovative and collaborative culture, whilst also facilitating a deeper understanding of their market landscape.

Key Themes:
  • Best practices for workshop facilitation and training programs that creates awareness and engagement with existing customer pain points
  • Using hackathons and design sprints to develop problem statements that are relevant to existing customer trends and key pain points
  • Scaling design thinking capabilities through translating problem statements into commercially viable business cases

Confirmed Speaker:

Interactive Workshops

8:30 AM Workshop B: Use Storytelling to Drive an Innovation Culture that Converts Insights into Actionable Solutions

“Ideas need to be effectively addressing real challenges for which consumers and customers currently have incomplete or no solutions” - Tobias Puehse

Innovation begins with understanding a key customer problem. So how do we embed the right design thinking capabilities earlier in the planning stages of the production cycle to drive meaningful ideation? Moreover, how do you enable each layer of the organisation to share a unified understanding of the customer landscape to enable scalable product development outcomes?

Tobias, the Vice President of Innovation at the leading global payments & technology company, shares key lessons learnt from leading the cultural transformation within Mastercard and establishing a standard for excellence in customer experience. Moreover, he shares his expertise in leading Innovation sprints and workshops, engaging more than 300 participants across 8 different locations to develop and scale design thinking capabilities.

Key Takeaways
  • Creating teams of diverse talent with different perspectives and experiences that generate deep insights on the consumer landscape
  • Developing critical skills in storytelling and translating insights into actionable solutions to increase collaborative efforts and facilitate scalable product development outcomes
  • Using design thinking to methodically and strategically align innovation with product development that resolves real customer challenges

Confirmed Facilitator:

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