Andy Middleton

Senior Technical Architect PTP

Day 2: Wednesday, December 2nd

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

2:30 PM Answer Your Digital Wake-up Call and Redefine Customer Interactions!

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Everyone knows that the digital transformation in the contact center is inevitable, and the mission to get there is becoming ever more urgent. While you can more easily move to cloud and add sought-after capabilities like artificial intelligence (AI), bots, and new desktop tools, how does this affect how you actually interact with your customers? How does it impact the customer experience? Just adding AI may create additional automation, but if your customers are frustrated and your agents baffled, you’re taking two steps back.

In this session, we address how you can join the digital transformation while keeping your focus on improving the customer experience. We’ll cover new capabilities that empower the customer with further self-service and cut costs at the same time. We’ll also share some best practices to ensure you’re doing it all the right way: with the customer in mind.