Day 1: Tuesday, May 25th

Be an active part of the conversation as CCW Digital Analysts Brian Cantor, Matt Wujciak and Brooke Lynch unearth the key trends, insights and takeaways featured in CCW Digital's 2021 New Benchmarks for Customer Contact Performance Market Study. Our analysts will explore:

- How customer contact teams were not only able to navigate the changes and challenges they were faced with throughout the pandemic, but how they improved their performance and continued to meaningfully connect with customers both digitally and physically

- Prioritizing and elevating agent performance in an omnichannel world and the future of work-from-home post-pandemic

- Top contact center metrics, initiatives and interaction benchmarks for 2021 and beyond that will give you and your organization a competitive advantage


Brian Cantor

Principal Analyst, CCW Digital Director
CCW Digital


Matt Wujciak

Analyst, Staff Writer
CCW Digital


Amanda Caparelli

Customer Management Practice


Brooke Lynch

Analyst & Staff Writer
Customer Management Practice

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm Delivering a Better Agent Experience to Drive a Better Customer Experience

Jafar H Syed - Chief Growth Officer, Uniphore

Customer experience is most of the number one strategic priority of executives, and the current pandemic has turned it into an even bigger priority. However, delivering a better customer experience strategy requires a commitment to improve agent performance and productivity, thus delivering a better agent experience. In this session, you will learn:

- The importance of improving agent productivity and performance

- How AI can drive a better agent experience both during and after a customer interaction

- Typical use cases where AI and automation can have a positive impact on the agent experience


Jafar H Syed

Chief Growth Officer

1:00 pm - 1:30 pm How to Enhance Innovation and Strengthen Employee Engagement in a Virtual World

Lori Pon - Director, Claim Transformation & Claim Service Center, The Auto Club Group (AAA)

Lori Pon

Director, Claim Transformation & Claim Service Center
The Auto Club Group (AAA)

When talking about contact center transformation, it is easy to focus on the obvious, surface-level shifts. Customers want to engage in new channels, so we need to adopt omnichannel technology. Agents are increasingly working remotely, so we have to ensure they can connect from home.


True success, however, requires going deeper. It requires looking at how customer behavior, sentiment, and demands are changing as a result of the new normal. It requires looking at what agents need to perform in a world of new customer expectations and automation technology. It requires recalibrating metrics to assess customer and agent centricity, rather than to measure how many calls are being answered.

Our panel of experts will discuss this changing landscape - and provide real, case study-driven recommendations for tailoring contact center performance to evolving CX and EX standards.


Brian Cantor

Principal Analyst, CCW Digital Director
CCW Digital


Ethan Barhydt

CEO & Founder


Jenna Muñoz

Senior Product Manager of Risk Solutions

Christine Moulton

Sales Manager North America

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm Best-in-Class CX: Engaging CSRs To Exceed Expectations

Jason Stout - VP, Contact Center Channel Manager, Vast Bank

The agent experience evolved rapidly in the past year. Adapting to the remote environment and working with new technology was no easy feat, but according to CCW Digital’s latest research, most companies rated their transition as successful. By prioritizing employee engagement and facilitating a culture of continuous learning, companies can continue to empower employees and sustain these successes.

Join Jason Stout as he shares his advice on engaging employees to actively exceed customer expectations in the digital age. By emphasizing Vast Bank’s core values and maintaining a company culture that promotes transparency and value, Jason and his team are working to create a best-in-class customer experience.

He will also discuss:

  • Tips for successful agent training and development in 2021
  • Ways to add value to the agent experience and enhance employee relationships
  • Predictions for the future of the contact center as we return to some sense of normalcy


Jason Stout

VP, Contact Center Channel Manager
Vast Bank