Day 1

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm How Tech Transformation Can Lead to Lasting Culture Transformation

Gordon Schleffer - VP, Customer Care, Magellan Health

When customer-facing teams are working remotely and systems are in disarray, it can be extremely challenging to enhance employee engagement and real culture change. These challenges can be alleviated through bridging obvious gaps in technological processes, tools, and systems. Join Gordon as he discusses the enduring benefits associated with:

  • Synchronizing platforms and channels to provide a more holistic customer and agent experience
  • Catalyzing more seamless processes which can lead to enhanced culture and mindset

Leveraging the tools that will help your agents best connect with today’s customer needs and sentiment


Gordon Schleffer

VP, Customer Care
Magellan Health

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm Fireside Chat: Customer-Centric Transformations to Invest in an Evolving Workforce

Kim Barna - Director of Sales and Service, Verizon

The coronavirus is severely impacting the way we conduct business and the way we interact. This disruption has caused uncertainty and businesses are examining their Business Continuity Plans and discovering viable work-from-home solutions. For customer-centric organizations, the contact center is currently serving as the world’s living, breathing result of economic pandemonium and the virtual contact center workforce will soon be a long-term norm for most businesses. However, there are many unforeseen challenges in a virtual contact center as standards for agents and customers have shifted drastically. As brands scramble to adjust to unfortunate economic circumstances they’re desperately attempting to provide customers with services throughout the pandemic.

During this Fireside Chat, join Kim to learn more about:

+ The nuances of agent engagement and measuring agent performance in a virtual environment

+ Importance of wellness checks for frontline agents

+ Leveraging technology to stay connected to your workforce and your customers

+ How to establish agility as a fundamental quality to succeed now and for the future

+ The future of contact center performance based on current transformations


Kim Barna

Director of Sales and Service


Fabian Eppler

Director of Contact Center & KM Innovations


Vikas Bhambri

SVP Sales and Customer Experience


Jonathan Kershaw

Director of Product Management
NewVoiceMedia (Vonage)


Mike McCarron

VP of Customers

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm Hyperscale Automation - Improving CSAT and Increasing Capacity While Decreasing Cost in the Face of Crisis

Eric Vermillion - President, Helpshift

Providing your consumers with immediate service, on their channel of choice, is nearly impossible to do with existing resources and budget. This dissonance between consumer expectations and reality is known as the Customer Service Capacity Gap. This gap becomes even more apparent during a crisis, when consumer demand increases and agent capacity is finite. 

So, how do you close the CS Capacity Gap? The answer: Hyperscale Automation. It’s a model that is free of capacity constraints and enables you to operate at full digital scale by leading with an automation-first approach that seamlessly orchestrates interactions between micro-bots, human agents and your consumers. 

Register for this webinar and learn how you can use hyperscale automation to: 

  • Power 1:1 billion service moments with a lean team 
  • Deliver immediate service to consumers via their preferred digital channels
  • Provide a constraint-free,always-on experience with the CS dream team: micro-bots, automation, and agents 
  • Differentiate your brand in a time when many organizations are telling customers with issues to go away or call back in a few months.


Eric Vermillion


We all appreciate quick services that will help us save time in challenging times.

This use case will uncover how you can easily integrate AI into your customer service and support experience to support both your customers and your agents:

+ From self-service technologies to artificial intelligence and automation

+ How digital continues to change the game in customer service

+ A look into the future of the support experience


Bernard Slowey

Worldwide Support Leader, Digital Customer Support

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Best Practices for Business Continuity: Moving from Panic to Permanence

Steve Bell - Senior Director, Product Marketing, Talkdesk
Matt Dale - VP of Customer Support, Illuminate Education

A global event has sent companies into a mad scramble to facilitate work at home contact center staff. There wasn’t much time to think about whether the technology choices were the right choices for things like call quality, security and remote staff management. Now that the panic move has been made, what learnings can be gleaned from those experiences? What will the new normal look like? Join us for this 30-min session, where we will share thoughts and best practices for building a more permanent business continuity plan for the future. 


Steve Bell

Senior Director, Product Marketing


Matt Dale

VP of Customer Support
Illuminate Education

Digital sales are booming. While in-store retail sales have screeched to a halt, leading retailers are quickly optimizing their contact center strategies to capitalize on the surge in virtual demand. Join as Laurence Levin covers how SleepNumber has found a winning sales strategy during these turbulent times. Expect to learn: 

  • How to manage the transition to a remote contact center
  • Incentives and gamification that drive the right behaviors
  • Tools, metrics, and processes that generate revenue across a remote workforce


Laurence Levin

Sr. Director Customer Relationship Services and Sales
Sleep Number Corporation


Andy Meissbach

Customer Success