Bridging Patient & Customer Experience

Bridging Patient & Customer Experience

What does it really mean to bridge Patient and Customer Experiences? When we talk about Customer Experience, we are mostly identifying different touch points that occur along the customer journey while interacting your product or brand. Consolidating that data in the form of analytics, CRM, CEM, customer surveys, etc. help organizations better understand what their customers are looking for and how to better serve them. 

When we talk about Patient Experience we are still identifying a journey, however, the start and end points of that journey are much different than that of a consumer. Whether your journey as a patient starts a hospital's doors or an urgent care facility, the road to recovery all seem to go in the same direction. The intimate nature of the patient - doctor/provider relationships, add a layer of empathy and caution to the interactive touch points. 

Download this report and take a look at how contact centers are becoming involved in this journey, and key themes and phrases that make up the foundation of the Patient Experience initiative taking place in healthcare today. 

Included in this report is a brief snapshot of the Speaker Faculty coming to the Patient Experience Exchange, March 25-27, 2018, in Miami, FL. If you are interested in finding out more information or seeing if you qualify to attend, email

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