March 25-27, 2018
Hotel Colonnade, Coral Gables
Sterling Lanier, CEO at Tonic Health

Sterling Lanier

Tonic Health

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Exchange Day 1

Sunday, March 25th, 2018

3:15 PM KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The Consumerism of Patient Experience

Unlike most every other service industry, healthcare is just now prioritizing real time feedback as a mechanism to enhance the patient experience. Patient satisfaction measurement today is very reactive — in other words, a care episode happens and then we send the patient a survey. But a truly “consumerized” process treats it differently: it ask questions about patient preferences in order to be proactive about setting up the patient experience. More than anything, real time data is important because it’s all about real time actionability. That is, how can we use real time patient feedback to drive the patient experience as it occurs, but also instantly intervene if something goes wrong.