May 9-11, 2017 | 12 p.m. - 3 p.m. EST

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CCW Online Part 2: Performance & Agents | May 9-11, 2017

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Welcome Letter

Looking to align your metrics with the voice of the customer?  Hoping to dramatically increase customer satisfaction and loyalty?  Striving to make the “business case” for contact center investment?  Aiming to empower your team to be more efficient without sacrificing customer centricity?  Some or all of the above?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you won’t want to miss CCW Online: Performance & Agents.

The complimentary virtual event will help your customer experience function deliver an experience that dazzles customers and amazes business stakeholders.

It features an agenda of accomplished speakers – who have faced (and conquered) the challenges you are facing.  As it is a virtual event, it also offers you the opportunity to network with peers, visit virtual booths and download complimentary content in pursuit of a more customer-centric AND business-centric contact center.

Check out the agenda – and register now!

Tuesday, May 9

Customer-Centric is Business Centric
Speaker: Ari Radetsky, VP of Customer Experience, Winc Wines
Customer experience strategy is not a game of either/or.  It is about delivering the best possible engagement for customers while also achieving paramount business objectives.  Our opening keynote will help ensure your strategy is tailored to this best-of-both-worlds approach.

Build A Bike And Ride It At The Same Time
Speaker: Gordon Clinkscale, VP of Customer Care, Freedom Mortgage
Businesses are growing and customer demands are evolving.  Your business needs to prepare for this change, but it cannot sacrifice the current experience while doing so.  Learn how to create an agile, versatile organization that is not simply capable of adapting but actually improving in the face of that change.

Wednesday, May 10

7 Foundations Of A Great CX Program
Speaker: Ben Motteram, CXpert
The customer experience plays a pivotal role in the success of the business, and there can accordingly be no half measures when it comes to CX strategy.  All corners of the customer experience must feature the right mindset, the right practices and the right technology.  Diagnose (and optimize) your customer experience program as our speaker walks through these 7 crucial tenets.

Developing An Engaged, Productive & Customer-Centric Workforce
Speaker: Shonna Shearson, VP of Contact Center Training, Kern Schools Federal Credit Union
Agent engagement is not just about creating a happy culture.  It is not just about recruiting and training the workforce.   It is not just about spurring performance improvement.  It is about achieving all three aims, ensuring your customer experience team is ready to do what is best for the customer and for the business.  This session will explore the dynamics of a great contact center workforce program.

Thursday, May 11

Experience As A Differentiator In A Low-Touch World
Speaker: Jon Smith, VP of Customer Service, MailChimp
It is easy to understand how a great conversation can win a customer’s undying loyalty.  Can the same be true of a simple, low-touch, technical interaction in a digital or even self-service environment?  Our speaker will provide the answer (spoiler alert:  it can).

Elevating Escalation:  Turning Heated Interactions Into Big Opportunities
Speaker: Cheryl China, SVP, Group Director – Contact Center Escalation & Specialized Teams, Citizens Bank

Great Customer Engagement Goes Beyond Great Service
Speaker: Jason Karaman, Marketing Leader, Marriott Vacations Worldwide | Founder, Expert Caller
Since customer service is only one small part of the customer experience, elevating performance will require more than simply optimizing service.  This session looks at improving the totality of customer engagement, paying specific attention to the sales, marketing and customer retention functions.

Part one of our CCW Online series focused on game-changing customer experience solutions. Part two involves putting those solutions into place – and achieving their promised impact.

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