The Biggest Challenge To Agent Retention – The Gig Economy?

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Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Many organizations today are struggling with agent retention. However, an increase in agent turnover should not be surprising given the changing agent demographics. More than 70% of contact center agents in the U.S. are now Millennials and most Millennials consider work-life balance more important than opportunities for pay or career advancement.

This is now becoming a major driver for contact center agents to reevaluate their career choice and often opt for a more flexible role within the sharing-economy (think Uber, Lyft, Task-rabbit).  The sharing economy now employs roughly the same number of workers as the contact center industry in the U.S., presenting a major challenge in retention as it is siphoning off 50% of the traditional contact-center labor pool.

In this webinar, we will be discussing how agent schedule change empowerment is the key to improving agent retention and how it can also improve forecasting, added coverage and flexibility in staffing requirements.

Webinar: The Biggest Challenge To Agent Retention – The Gig Economy?
Date: April 19, 2018
Time: 2PM EST / 11AM PST / 6PM GMT

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Brian Cantor
Managing Director
CCW Digital

Brian Cantor is a customer experience and marketing analyst who currently serves as the managing editor and community director of IQPC’s Customer Management IQ, an online advisory portal and publication for professionals in the space.
Brian’s customer management commentaries, which draw inspiration from empirical research and real-world anecdotes rather than antiquated management textbooks, have been called “must-read” resources for call center managers, customer experience leaders, retailers and social media specialists and have been cited by prominent publications like Forbes.  He has also been invited to contribute for leading industry outlets like Social Media Today and Biznology.
Drawing on his events production background with IQPC, Brian also created and produced the successful “Social Media for Customer Management” and “Call Center Success” online event series.
Through the eNewsZone Media Network, an online media company he founded while a freshman in high school, Brian additionally analyzes “backstage” news in entertainment and sports.  His celebrity interviews and industry assessments have been featured by leading outlets like Yahoo!, Perez Hilton, Deadspin and Movieline.
Brian graduated from Harvard University in 2009 as an honors joint concentrator in Sociology and Economics.  He focused on Government as a secondary concentration.
Always game for discussion about customer management, entertainment and sports, Brian is also thrilled to answer questions on fitness and nutrition.  Feel free to contact Brian at brian.cantor@iqpc.comand visit his publication’s homepage at

Rich Correia
Director of Product Marketing

Richard has many years of experience in Product Management and Product/Solutions Marketing, with time at Cisco, Turin/Force10, Dell, and CyrusOne. Accomplishments include driving the product direction and revenue of Turin/Force10 from a few million, to just under one hundred million in sales. At Dell, he was focused on managing and marketing the different components of the data center solutions, across hardware and software. At CyrusOne, he changed the direction and strategy of marketing, to driving greater ROI. Richard holds a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from University of Rhode Island and advanced degrees in Business & Engineering from Southern Methodist University.