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Most businesses recognize the value of customer relationships. But what are the common "CRM" mistakes to avoid?Special Report: CRM

The customer contact landscape is always changing, and no organization can precisely predict every challenge or opportunity that will emerge.CCW Winter Executive Report: Contact Center Priorities for 2018

Different customers demand different things. This report explores conventional and creative strategies for finding out what they really want.Special Report: Voice of the Customer

What if you did not have to choose between “operational efficiency” and “customer centricity”? The quest for this “best of both worlds” scenario explains the surge of interest in chatbots.Special Report: Chatbots For Customer Service

If the interaction does not take place in the customer’s preferred language, what are the odds the interaction will yield an efficient, effective resolution on the first contact?Special Report: Multilingual Engagement

89% of businesses confirmed training as a top strategic focus for the next year. Are your contact center agents prepared to thrive through this evolving landscape?Rethink Contact Center Learning: Elevate the Customer Experience


Market conditions are changing and so is the role of the agent within the contact center. What skills must an agent possess to thrive amid this new normal?Special Report: Future of CX Employees

Is the hype over chatbots warranted? Can they really elevate the customer journey while boosting contact center performance? Several experts offer guidance in this complimentary report.Chatbots In The Contact Center - The Experts Weigh In

How do you create the kind of journey that will yield customer loyalty? What are the factors that make customers loyal rather than merely satisfied?Special Report: Customer Loyalty

The days of customers enduring bad experiences are over. Customers are demanding better interactions, effortless and accurate information on the very first contact, and for businesses to understand their specific profiles and personalities.CCW Fall Executive Report

193 whitepaper results
of 20