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Market conditions are changing and so is the role of the agent within the contact center. What skills must an agent possess to thrive amid this new normal?Special Report: Future of CX Employees

Is the hype over chatbots warranted? Can they really elevate the customer journey while boosting contact center performance? Several experts offer guidance in this complimentary report.Chatbots In The Contact Center - The Experts Weigh In

How do you create the kind of journey that will yield customer loyalty? What are the factors that make customers loyal rather than merely satisfied?Special Report: Customer Loyalty

The days of customers enduring bad experiences are over. Customers are demanding better interactions, effortless and accurate information on the very first contact, and for businesses to understand their specific profiles and personalities.CCW Fall Executive Report

Nearly every business views the “frictionless customer experience” as a top strategic priority. But what does that really entail?Special Report: Frictionless Experience

This special report investigates the crucial customer experience tenet that is employee engagement.Special Report: Employee Engagement

Our newest report focuses on workforce management. Employees are the lifeblood of the customer experience strategy. They represent the link between the business and its customers, and their actions before, during and after each interaction define the overall quality of the experience.Special Report: Workforce Management

You care about the customer experience. You’re investing in the customer experience. But is the experience you’re creating the one your customers actually want? Our CCW Digital Executive Report on the Customer Experience will answer that question.CCW Executive Report: Customer Experience

Engagement is the ultimate “moment of truth” when it comes to the customer experience. It is how organizations achieve loyalty from customers and separation from competitors.Special Report: Customer Engagement

The African contact centre market is rapidly growing larger and more sophisticated as it moves to serve an exploding domestic market of digitally empowered consumers, while also catering to the diverse needs of the global BPO industry.Infographic - Changing Landscape of Contact Centres in Africa

187 whitepaper results
of 19