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retail cx updated

Retailers have to consider unique marketplace transformations – including the rise of e-commerce and the demand for omnichannel engagement. It thus provides the perfect backdrop for exploring the state of the customer experience Learn more

2018 predictions

As 2018 unfolds, what new trends, ideas and “best practices” will emerge? CCW Digital collaborates with 11 of the foremost customer contact executives, analysts and innovators. Learn more


Businesses identify personalization as the defining quality of a customer-centric brand. Learn more

agent performance

In order for a business to satisfy customers, grow market share, increase revenue and overtake their competitors, they must perform. Learn more

special report crm

Most businesses recognize the value of customer relationships. But what are the common "CRM" mistakes to avoid? Learn more

CCWW Report

The customer contact landscape is always changing, and no organization can precisely predict every challenge or opportunity that will emerge. Learn more

VoC cover

Different customers demand different things. This report explores conventional and creative strategies for finding out what they really want. Learn more

chatbots new

What if you did not have to choose between “operational efficiency” and “customer centricity”? The quest for this “best of both worlds” scenario explains the surge of interest in chatbots. Learn more


If the interaction does not take place in the customer’s preferred language, what are the odds the interaction will yield an efficient, effective resolution on the first contact? Learn more

Lessonly Report cover

89% of businesses confirmed training as a top strategic focus for the next year. Are your contact center agents prepared to thrive through this evolving landscape? Learn more

197 whitepaper results
of 20