Modernizing Service Experiences With AI & Digital

July 21-23, 2020 | 12-3 PM ET

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Why Attend

The COVID-19 pandemic did not change what mattered to the service experience. We already knew improving digital engagement, reducing customer effort, leveraging AI, and increasing contact center agility were important.

COVID-19 did, however, heighten the urgency of these trends. Faced with dramatic shifts in work environment and interaction volume, companies had no choice but to immediately transform their service experiences. They had no choice but to quickly embrace digital and AI.

Lacking business continuity plans and modernized operations, many contact centers endured difficult transitions. This CCW Digital campaign will share the lessons learned, as well as tips for creating service experiences that will remain customer centric and efficient no matter how the world changes.

We'll cover ways to use digital and AI technology to create easier self-service, more empathetic conversations and totally seamless CX journeys. We'll look at how automation and cloud technology can keep agents productive - and engaged - no matter where they're located. We'll reveal tools and tips for diving deeper into customer data.

You'll know how to modernize your service experience to provide frictionless digital engagement for those who want it and highly personal support for those who really need it.

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