CCW Executive Exchange Solution Providers Guide

CCW Executive Exchange Solution Providers Guide

CCW Executive Exchange

The CCW Executive Exchange welcomes senior executives to site one-on-one for consultative business meetings with best in breed solution providers.

Prior to the Exchange, these executive spend 30-45 minutes with one of our analysts to determine if their seniority and buying persona meets certain qualifications. After their investment reports have been approved they are uploaded to our portal where they can begin to mutually select business meetings with solution providers.

Qualifying Criteria:

  • C-Suite or VP from the customer contact or CX sector
  • Represents a Fortune 1000 company or disruptor in their industry
  • Control a personal budget of at least $1 million
  • Active projects needing said solutions within the next 12 months 

“We really appreciate being able to spend quality meetings with key folks we're targeting and trying to do business with!” – VP Business Development, Sitel

“What intrigued us about the Exchange is the intimate setting and the fact that I was able to get multiple meetings with people who are in my exact target market.” – CEO, R3 Consultants

“The 1:1 business meetings are awesome for us because everyone was super excited to learn about the solutions we offer.” – Director of Sales, SurveyMonkey

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